Short & Sweet Comic Stack 01/27/16 – Star Wars, Vol 1: Skywalker Strikes by Jason Aaron, John Cassaday (Illustrations), Laura Martin (Illustrations)


Star Wars, Vol. 1 Skywalker StrikesGenre: Science Fiction

Series: Star Wars

Publisher: Marvel

Author: Website | Goodreads



TL;DR Review:

Dark Side

Tiara’s Rating: 4  of 5 stars. Definitely fanservice, but worthy fanservice. I loved all the Vader scenes!

Short Sweet

After their greatest victory yet against the Empire by destroying the Death Star, Luke, Leia, Han, and friends decide to make another decisive move against the Empire by destroying a large arms factory on Cymoon 1. They arrive on the planet under the pretense of wanting to do business for the Hutts. They plant charges to destroy the base. However, they face a few miscalculations when they find slaves being kept on the planet, even thought the planet was supposedly only manned by electronic means, and Darth Vader makes a special guest appearance bringing him face to face with Luke Skywalker who hasn’t quite mastered his abilities. This takes place before Luke learns that his father is Darth Vader, and while Vader claims that all Jedi are dead, he can’t deny there is something special about Luke–who he hasn’t realized is his son. Vader sees the potential for a new pupil, and Luke leaves the rebels to find himself, to become they Jedi they need him to be.

Admittedly, this started somewhat slow for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this after hearing that so much of the canon that had been built up for years in other comics and novels would now be considered dead to Disney. However, once the action picked up this wasn’t a bad book at all. The story was well paced with plenty of chuckle-worthy moments thanks to Han and his interactions with Leia, Chewbacca, and others.

Han Solo 1

This book works well for both the casual Star Wars fan and the hardcore fan. This will feel like a continuation to the original movies while adding some background story for those who are just getting into the Star Wars mania.Though you will need to have some knowledge of the original trilogy if you’re new in town. The characters haven’t quite settled into the capable characters that you eventually come to know and love. They’re trying to figure out how this rebel thing is supposed to work. Allegiances are being tested, and they’re learning to summon and temper the natural abilities they have to offer to the cause. Is this a bit of fanservice? Yes, it is, but what tie-in media in this vein typically isn’t fanservice? Enjoy the wonderfully lush artwork and the nonstop action that makes this really feel like a Star Wars story, which means there is a lot of shooting and lots of things blowing up. Some of the artwork gets a little wonky in places and some of the story can lull just a  little, but overall, this was a fun comic. On that note, I’ll leave you with some panels to enjoy (click on them to enlarge):


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