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About Mogsy

Hi all! My name is Steff but I frequently go by my internet handle “Mogsy”, a name derived from the video game blog I used to write, “MMOGamerChick” or “MMOGC”. When it comes to my hobbies, I have two great loves: gaming and reading. This meant I couldn’t be happier when I got the chance to contribute here at The BiblioSanctum, because now I also have a place to dedicate my writings to my other favorite pastime: books, books, books! I’m ever in a constant battle with my to-read pile trying to keep it under control.

Off in the real world, I’m an avid gamer/bibliophile/consumer-of-all-things-geeky originally from Toronto, but now living in the US with my husband and two beautiful daughters. Currently working as a freelance artist (my focus right now is penciling in comic art and wild life paintings — what a combo, huh?), I have opportunities to get in a bit of reading between commissions, and of course I very much enjoy listening to audiobooks while I’m working.

With regards to my taste in books, I admit a preference for speculative fiction, with my favorite genres being Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror, including their sub-genres. Very often, I would also delve into the realm of Young Adult fiction.

When it comes to reviews and ratings, it’s all about me and how much I personally enjoyed the book based on story and writing. Out of respect for both authors and readers, you’ll always get my honest opinion. I also don’t rate books that I don’t finish, which isn’t really a problem as I’ve actually never been able to bring myself to DNF anything ever.

My rating system is roughly as follows: 1 Star: Didn’t like the book at all, either the writing or some major problem with the story didn’t appeal to me. 2 Stars: There were some positive points, but on the whole the book just wasn’t my cup of tea. 3 Stars: I liked the book, and on the whole had a good time reading it! 4 Stars: I loved the book, had a great time reading it and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. 5 Stars: Same as 4 Stars, but also something about the book made it really hard for me to put it down, and/or it blew my mind in some way, usually involves some emotional aspect.

You can find me on Twitter at @MMOGC or email me at steffstuff(at)gmail(dot)com.

About Tiara W.

In the time of barbies and butterflies, I was a bookworm who blossomed into a space cowgirl, an outlaw quick on the draw. A known double agent and bibliomaniac masquerading as a wife and mother of two. A being manifested into existence by comic books and the creation thrum of music played in the key of E flat–the sound of heroes. A devourer of fictional worlds since the age of four and prone to stages where one genre is more satisfying for an insatiable appetite than others.

You’ll find me cruising along in my think-ship through the slipstreams of horror, theology, science fiction, philosophy, erotica, psychology, and adult literature. Certified time traveler who fuels up with fiction and nonfiction based on historical events and people from the rise of homo sapiens to the conquest of Chile to modern wars. You can come with me if you want, but remember to hang on tight, and don’t be afraid to use that boomstick.

Comics and manga serve as my visual mind junk scrawling over miles and miles of mind space, graffiti’d by the likes of Marvel Comics, Jinsei Kataoka, and many others. Comic book hues and tones color my world with telepathic old ladies, fire breathing babies, and innocuous buildings that may lead you into a labyrinth of the Minotaur himself. Nothing in my world is ever mundane as long as words exist.

I dance in the fantasy gardens beneath the moonlight with vampires, dragons, fae-folks, and wizards, spinning and undulating to the swirls of Rubenesque words strung together in the shapely, attractive form of a story that won’t be denied. I speak the language of the mermaids and can tell you how to mix the devil’s brew .I argue with Plato and splice genes with biopunks. I breathe poetry like air and cry during space operas. I kiss legends on their lips and laugh with the gods.

Thoughts about the literary worlds I visit tend to be verbose and lengthy. I try not to be cruel about the places I visit, the words an author has wrangled into a story, but I will explain why a book doesn’t capture my heart. I make notes about things in a story. I ponder why a story makes me feel the way it does and whether this feeling is something I want. I scry personal meaning from the books I read and release these thoughts into the world. And if a writer’s words touch me, then, I gift them with a piece of my soul.

Just another day for a space cowgirl who cavorts with books.

If you’re looking for a good time, find me at www.digitaltempest.net. I also accept love letters at digitaltempest82(at)gmail.com.

About Wendy B.

She gazes out the window with an aloof air about her. “I am a mother, blogger, gamer, geek, writer and bibliophile,” she says in a refined voice. “Sometimes all at once, sometimes in pieces, not necessarily in that order, but I am these things. Always.”

But when she turns to face you, you see the smile tugging at the corner of her lips and the sparkle in her eyes. “Except when I let my alter ego out to play,” she whispers in a conspiratorial tone, “in which case, I am all these things and a whole lot more.” She seems almost on the verge of letting you into her little world, but no, you have not quite proven yourself worthy yet.

“Enough about me,” she says soberly. “You asked me how I review and rate books and graphic novels. One star means you probably won’t see me again.” She waves a dismissive hand. “Three stars means I see a lot of potential so make sure the next book tries a little harder. Five stars,” that playful glimmer peeps out again, “means I am considering having your book’s babies.” She straightens, and with a stern tone, adds, “That said, I politely ask that you not friend me just because you want me to review your book.”

And with that, she turns away again, a clear dismissal. Yet, she has left you with the sense that her walls are not so much walls, as they are doors. You need only find the key

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  1. Love your site! Esp since you do reviews for graphic novels also! This is great! I’m currently reading the Crown and Key series and was looking up some info on the authors and came across your site. I put a link to BiblioSanctum on my blog. I’m excited to read more of your reviews!


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