Review Policy

Please read our review policy carefully before sending review requests. Thank you!

We welcome your recommendations and books for review purposes, which can be sent to bibliosanctum (at) gmail (dot) com. However, selection and subsequent reviews are at the discretion of the individual members of The BiblioSanctum Team.

We are a group of book lovers with eclectic tastes, and will dabble in pretty much anything that catches our eye! However, The BiblioSanctum is a blog with a central focus on speculative fiction, and you may wish to visit our About Us page for a better idea of what genres or sub-genres our individual reviewers may prefer, and we’ve also included our individual contact information if you wish to contact us separately.

***While we appreciate queries and encourage you to send them our way, please note that due to our busy schedules, not all of our reviewers may be able to take on new requests.***

We accept books in all formats (hard copies, ebook, audiobook, etc.), English only. Inclusion of a bit of detail about the book and author with your request would be very helpful, along with any information or instructions you would like us to know. In general, our reviews are posted on this blog as well as Goodreads; please inform us if you would like them posted anywhere else, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Note that due to other commitments and the considerable to-read piles that we maintain, we cannot guarantee a timeline for completion of all requests received. We would love to read every book that comes our way, but there is simply not enough hours in a day! Books we requested specifically will likely take priority, and we do our best to review those in a timely manner. Please include in your request if you have a specific timeframe in mind, so our reviewers can prioritize appropriately.

***Also, we apologize in advance that due to the huge volume of requests we receive each day, we cannot guarantee a response to all queries.***

It is our wish to respond personally to everyone, but sometimes depending on the number of emails we receive, this might not be possible. However, we will look at all requests, and if your book is selected for review by one of our reviewers, you will definitely be informed by email within the week, and once a review has been posted a link will be provided.

Thank you for visiting The BiblioSanctum!

Mogsy, Tiara and Wendy B.
email: BiblioSanctum(at)
twitter: @BiblioSanctum

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