Wendy’s Summer Reading List + Worlds Without End Reading Challenge Update

My summer reading list will be a challenge this year because I’ve gotten so busy with other projects and distractions, that my reading has slowed down significantly. Still, I’m determined to complete my 150 book Goodreads Challenge, and am making my way through the to-read pile that is tumbling off of my night table.

That’s where the Worlds Without End Roll Your Own Reading Challenges come in.  Not only does it make for a really cool visual effect, it helps keep me on track, while fulfilling my somewhat obsessive compulsive listing needs.
WWE Reading Challenge June 2014

1. I Just Have to Read More of that Author
2.  2014 Speculative Fiction by Authors of Color Challenge
3.  2014 Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge
4. Pick and Mix
5. Read the Sequel
6. Fantasia
7. Mythopoeic Award
8. The Book of Ones

Most of these are self explanatory, but feel free to click on the links to learn more. I’m very proud of myself for only adding the Pick and Mix challenge to my initial challenge post at the beginning of the year (I’ll save the Bucket List challenge for 2015).

It’s summer, so I don’t want to commit to too much, but my list will definitely draw on these challenges to keep me moving forward:

King of ThornsShadowed SunI Am Legend0cbc6-astra

23 Comments on “Wendy’s Summer Reading List + Worlds Without End Reading Challenge Update”

  1. Cool. I’m doing a challenge at the moment, don’t remember it’s name. But I’m basically reading the first 12 Robin Hobb books for it 😀


      • It’s the One World To Rule Them All challenge 😀
        Lol, I didn’t really check out any of the others, someone shared that one on Twitter and I thought it’d be fun to sign up for one too 🙂
        I love that site, I use it mainly to keep track of what books win awards, which I feature as categories over on my blog 😀


    • Clear once complete. I wish you could see all the books within each challenge all within a single page, but after I first made this graphic, WWE at least made the effort to put all your overall challenges on one page.


      • I’ll have to give it a go – I remember creating an account months ago with Mogsy told me about it – but I got aggravated that so many of the books I was reading weren’t in their database and I found that to be extremely aggravating and didn’t go back.


        • They had a HUGE overhaul about a month ago. They have a small staff, but invited volunteers to work on the database and hundreds of books were added. Keep in mind though that this isn’t Goodreads. Their database ideally focuses on award winning and listed books.


          • You can challenge vicariously through me 😉

            Once I understood their purpose more, I started reviewing their lists to see what I’d already read, rather than try to find books I’ve read by searching. I’ve also very specifically geared my challenges towards helping me work through the books I own. For me, looking at it all this way has helped me focus.


          • That is actually pretty brilliant. I’m making my own little top priority reading list challenge for fantasy books to try to get through before the end of the year. So I’m going to try to read at least one of those for ever two “review” books I read. Course I’ll review them all lol


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