Sunday Musings: Sunshine and Sniffles

After a long, hard, but fun week at Fan Expo Canada, I am still trying to catch up and wind down, and have earned myself a nice little cold for my struggles. Hurray for back to school!

I’ll be rounding out my Summer Reading List with The Shadowed Sun by N.K. Jemisin. Conveniently, this will work well with the latest reading challenge I’ve signed up for, #Diversiverse, which encourages readers to read books by authors of colour.


Not only is this book by an author of colour, it predominantly features people of colour in a fantasy world that isn’t the typical European setting.

It’s the second in Jemisin’s Dreamblood series, and while I enjoyed the first, the racial aspect was a bit offputting for me.  Find out why in my review here.

I am now on the last installment of two sekrit writing projects. One is a ghostwriting gig, so I can’t reveal details on that. But the other is something I’m pretty excited about and can’t wait to spill the beans when it’s finally published…


Actually,  I do both, though there’s definitely a stronger lean to the latter. You can find me walking on lunch breaks, and chatting away in the pool during Aquafit lessons once a week. But if I can figure out a good way to stick a book onto the new walker exercise thingie my husband and I just bought, I will be a very happy–and healthy bibliophile.

6 Comments on “Sunday Musings: Sunshine and Sniffles”

  1. Fan Expo is so fun! I’ve gone a couple times in the past but couldn’t make it this year. Rest up and drink lots of tea and you’ll be over that cold in no time. Diversiverse sounds like an amazing challenge! I’ve heard so many good things about N.K. Jemisin, and I can’t wait to hear what your other reads will be.


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