Cover Reveal: The Dragon’s Blade: Veiled Intentions by Michael R. Miller

Today I am excited to take part in the cover reveal for The Dragon’s Blade: Veiled Intentions by Michael R. Miller, the highly anticipated sequel to a book that should be familiar to our readers who have been following along with our Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off coverage. The first book The Dragon’s Blade: The Reborn King was one of the thirty titles in our initial batch and was chosen as one of our final six. It was very special to us, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should! I’m really looking forward to read book two which, like its predecessor, is graced with a cover to die for. Here it is in all its glory:


black line

Rectar has always had his sights set on conquering the human lands. His demonic invasion of the west is gaining momentum – an unrelenting horde unhindered by food or sleep. Now, only the undermanned Splintering Isles lie between the demons and the human kingdom of Brevia. If the islands fall, the rest of Tenalp will soon follow.

The Three Races must work together if they are to survive, but they have another problem – Castallan. The traitorous wizard has raised a deadly rebellion and declared himself King of Humans. He believes himself safe in the bowels of his impenetrable Bastion fortress, but Darnuir, now King of Dragons, intends to break those walls at all cost.

To face these threats, all dragons, humans and fairies must truly unite; yet old prejudices may undermine Darnuir’s efforts once again. And as the true intentions of all are revealed, so too is a secret that may change the entire world. 

The Reborn King by Michael R. Miller SPFBO dragonblade_bk2-v6

black line

It might also interest those who are curious about the series to watch the nifty trailer for the first book, and also head on to Goodreads to enter the author’s One Year Anniversary celebration giveaway! I hope you enjoyed the cover reveal! So what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

6 Comments on “Cover Reveal: The Dragon’s Blade: Veiled Intentions by Michael R. Miller”

  1. These covers are just gorgeous. Did you check out the website for the other work by the artist? Really good.
    And, for somebody who is a bit over zealous about covers I love the fact that these are easily recognisable as part of a series – it just makes me happy!
    Lynn 😀


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