SPFBO 2016

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For convenience, as well as to keep all our updates in one place, here you will find a list of all our posts related to the 2016 Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off competition.

Phase 1

SPFBO 2016 Introduction and List of Books: #SPFBO: The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2016!

SPFBO 2016 Cover Contest: #SPFBO: Cover Lover

SPFBO BiblioSanctum Eliminations and Shortlist: #SPFBO2: Our Shortlist!

SPFBO BiblioSanctum Discussion: Sanctum Sanctorum: #SPFBO

SPFBO BiblioSanctum Phase I Reviews:

SPFBO BiblioSanctum Phase I Finalist: And the BiblioSanctum #SPFBO Finalist is…

Phase 2

SPFBO Phase II Introduction and List of Books: Begin #SPFBO Phase 2: A Spotlight on the Final Ten

SPFBO BiblioSanctum Phase II Reviews: (In Progress)

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