An Artificial Night Read-Along Week No.4


We’re journeying through the third book in the October Daye series. If you’re interested in joining this Read-Along, visit the SF/F Read-Along group for more information and to join the discussion.

“October “Toby” Daye is a changeling-half human and half fae-and the only one who has earned knighthood. Now she must take on a nightmarish new challenge. Someone is stealing the children of the fae as well as mortal children, and all signs point to Blind Michael. Toby has no choice but to track the villain down-even when there are only three magical roads by which to reach Blind Michael’s realm, home of the Wild Hunt-and no road may be taken more than once. If Toby cannot escape with the children, she will fall prey to the Wild Hunt and Blind Michael’s inescapable power.”

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Week 1: Saturday 9th April, Chapters 1-7, hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow
Week 2: Saturday 16th April, Chapters 8-17, hosted by Books By Proxy
Week 3: Saturday 23rd April, Chapters 18-24, hosted by Lynn’s Book Blog
Week 4: Saturday 30th April, Chapters 25-End, hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow


1. Things pick up right where we left them, with Tybalt and Toby. What do you make of the not-quite-nine-lives thing? And do you have any fresh insight into what, if anything, is going on between him and Toby?

I expect this not-quite-nine-lives thing to pop up again in the future if Tybalt and Toby keep hanging out together. I’m still stuck on this “didn’t lie to him” thing. What does that even mean, Tybalt? I think they are drawing closer, of course, even with the awkwardness that Connor is presenting. I really need Connor to get his life, okay.

2. As predicted, Toby is far from finished with Blind Michael and returns to his realm, trading herself for Karen’s freedom. Things get pretty dark from there, but all isn’t lost… What’s your take on the Luidaeg’s rescue effort?

I think it was pretty ingenious and goes to show that there is more going on there with her relationship with Toby than what the Luidaeg wants to admit. Well, I think, after this book she might be a little more open to admitting it, but only a little. I thought her attempts to rescue Toby were pretty touching and goes to show that once again Toby has more love and support than she thinks she does. Even with her settling into some semblance of a normal life with friends and loved ones, I still don’t think that Toby still quite grasps the magnitude to which she is loved.

3. After all that, Toby still isn’t done. Do you think she did the right thing, going after Blind Michael to end things once and for all? And after all’s said and done, what do you think of Blind Michael himself?

Yes, I think she did the right thing. Was it stupid? Yes, but it was the right thing to do. I definitely understand that need to right the wrongs that he’s committed, to save those who others say can’t be saved, to save other children from ever having to live through this horror if there’s something that can be done to stop it. It might’ve been a slim chance, but it’s a chance that Toby was willing to take even if she didn’t succeed. Blind Michael is terrible, and he deserved to be taken down. Anyone who uses people, especially kids, in such a manner doesn’t deserve to grace this world. I was glad that Acacia took in the other children, too, after it was all said and done. Hopefully they’ll be able to heal from the years of what they endured with Blind Michael.

4. Quentin has a hard choice of his own to make in the aftermath, as the Luidaeg explains… Do you agree with her choice of consequence, or was she too hard on him?

Actually, I figured that’s what it was going to come down to, so I’m hardly surprised. It was a hard thing for him to have to endure, but I don’t think the choice itself was “too hard” on him. Sometimes, you have to let the things you love go, especially when their own safety and sanity factors into the equation. Katie is a teenager. She has so much growing up left to do yet, and Quentin’s world is probably not conducive to that growing up phase. Her sanity was almost broken by what happened. It’s hard, but it was the best that he let her go.

5. We get one more scene with the Luidaeg, and it’s quite a turnaround, character-wise. What do you think of where she and Toby seem to stand, at this point?

I love the Luidaeg for everything she is–powerful, wise, scathing, and now caring. I loved seeing this softer (or as soft as she can be) side of the Luidaeg. I think her friends with Toby will continue to grow, especially now that it’s clear where her feelings for Toby stand and how far she’s willing to go for her. She didn’t have to confront her own brother who is more powerful than her. She didn’t have to help Toby at all in her quest. I look forward to seeing how their friendship grows in the future. However, I still think that Toby has to be careful. As Julie shows, it’s very easy for even a good friend to take grave offense with something and turn on you. And the fae seem to be very good at taking offense for the slightest thing. The Luidaeg is wiser, smarter than many others, but you never know.


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5 Comments on “An Artificial Night Read-Along Week No.4

  1. Quentin’s growth is one of the best features of this novel, especially since it comes from pain and loss: it’s one of the main themes in this series, that nothing comes to you without a price tag attached, and that the price is always steep….

    I hope you keep enjoying these novels! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • This one has been my favorite in the series so far maybe because of its deeper exploration of the situation and the darker tone it took. I’ll definitely be continuing. We’re not slated to read the next book until June. 🙂


  2. This was definitely my favourite of the series so far. So much darker than its predecessors and so much more at stake. I’m definitely umming and arring over Tybalt’s cryptic comments though!! Definitely has me on the edge for the next book. I also love that May has settled into the storyline – I think she’ll make a very interesting character for the books to come


  3. Completely agree with everything here tbh. And, especially that treating friendships with the fae should be a thing of caution – especially one as powerful as the Luidaeg.
    Lynn 😀


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