Sunday Musings: Goodbye 2015

I love Goodreads. It makes creating these year-end wrap up posts so much fun because the site kindly puts together all of your reading statistics for you. This year, they’ve gone one step further to make a really pretty chart of my Year in Books (click for the complete list and cool graphical display — thanks Goodreads!).


Last year, I bit off a bit more than I could chew with my Goodreads reading challenge plans and managed 121 of my intended 150. A respectable number, certainly, but I decided that I’d be more reasonable for 2015. As such, I beat my challenge by one, coming in at 101 books and graphic novels for the year. One hundred is a good number, I think, so I plan to make that my goal for each year from now on.

And then there are my other reading challenges. I’ve already chatted about my audiobook challenge here. Now it’s time to take a look at my participation in Worlds Without End’s Roll-Your-Own-Reading Challenge. The WWE challenges remain a good way for me to stay focused on my to-read pile and mostly avoid that “what should I read next?” dilemma.  However, these challenges are also dangerous because I am obsessed with signing up for as many as I can in order to make cool checkerboard designs. I did try to show some restraint this year and not sign up for *all* of the challenges offered, but, well…

Somewhere Out There

outer space

This challenge involves reading twelve books that take place in outer space and/or involve aliens. Not only did I not complete this challenge, I didn’t put much thought into selecting scifi space books to fill it up. I’m more of a fantasy girl, but for 2016, I’m going to make a point of seeking out more scifi and space operas. The Force Awakens will probably help feed this goal.

Women of Genre Fiction

Women of Genre Fiction 2015The Women of Genre Fiction challenge was the one that first drew my attention to WWE a few years ago and I am glad it remains as part of the Roll-Your-Own-Challenge. The books that I missed on my list this year will roll over into next year (assuming they do this challenge again–though I intend to read these particular books anyway), and I’m sure I’ll be adding lots more ladies to the list for 2016 as well.

Read the Sequel

read the sequelThis challenge is pretty self explanatory and is a great way to get on with those many series that I started, but have not continued yet. The ones I didn’t get to this year will roll over into the next, and I’ll be adding more thanks to all the new series that I started this year.

I Just Have To Read More of That Author

Have To Read One MoreThis is one of my favourite challenges of the bunch as it lets me focus on those authors that I have really enjoyed — or sometimes give not so enjoyable authors one more chance to earn my love.

Clear the Shelves

clear the shelvesWWE challenges like this are so helpful for, well, clearing the shelves. Though I didn’t complete the challenge, I’ve got the books I am delinquent on sitting right beside my bed as a quiet reminder.

Pix and Mix Challenge

pick and mix

This is a catch all challenge, again intended to keep me focused on clearing that to-read pile. Since so many of the books on this list overlap with others, it also gives me the excuse of selecting yet another challenge just for the sake of having more spots on my checkerboard.

My favourite reads of the year? There have been several memorable ones — click the covers to read my reviews and other random thoughts!

sunstonegardens of the moonRat queensPalace JobGone Girl8531d-steelheart5935b-thefalconergeniusDisenchantedlily blueFull Fathom FiveBloodchild

8 Comments on “Sunday Musings: Goodbye 2015”

  1. DAMMIT I SEE ADSOM EVERYWHERE. Definitely knwo that I have to get to it ASAP. And Goodreads makes everything so organized and pretty and clean, I love that about them.


  2. YAS! Blue Lily, Lily Blue was definitely a favorite of mine this year ♥ Gah! I can’t wait for The Raven King but at the same time it scares the hell out of me XD I adored Steelheart when I read it in 2014 and it was one of my favorites that year too! I still need to read both The Falconer and Gone Girl though but hopefully soon. You certainly had a great 2015 bookish-wise and good luck with all your challenges for 2016 Wendy^^


    • I am usually quite behind on new series, but Raven Cycle is one I pounce on when I get the chance. So good! Hmm… I need to do a Ronan appreciation post…


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