Sunday Musings: The Return of the Checkerboard Challenge

I didn’t complete last year’s checkerboard, but it looked so damn cool that I’m going to try again with World Without End’s 2015 Roll-Your-Own Reading Challenge.

This year, along with my co-blogger Mogsy, and Lisa at Tenacious Reader, we’ll be working on that backlog of books bibliophiles all seem to amass. Reading challenges are always useful for maintaining focus, especially when one of them is all about clearing that bookshelf. I’ll also be working on:


In my overzealous clicking, I’ve also joined the Somewhere Out There science fiction challenge, and the Fantasy series Mini-challenge, for which I hope to continue with Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea saga.

Well, now that I’ve got my 2015 reading plans all settled, I better stop dawdling around on the internet and get to it!


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