Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

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This week’s topic: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

Instead of giving you the long ramblings of a madwoman, I thought I’d just sum all these up with a picture that mostly sums up my feelings about these characters and why I didn’t connect to them. A warning, I am a mean girl. 😛



Kelsea (Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen)

Loki Side Eye

The Shadow Master (The Shadow Master by Craig Cormick)

Brain Damage

Mister Terrific (Mister Terrific by DC Comics)

How Did You Get

Eren (Attack on Titans by Hajime Isayama)


Ti-Jeanne (Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson)

Gurl Bye

Cyclops (X-Men by Marvel Comics)

Cyclops punched

Louis Wu (Ringworld by Larry Niven)

Woo Fuck You

Isyllt Iskaldur (The Drowning City by Amanda Downum)

Boring AF

Devak (Tankborn by Karen Sandler)

I'm Out

Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn by DC Comics)

I wanted to give a clarification on this one. I am specifically talking about how Amanda Connor  and Jimmy Palmiotti have been writing her and not her in other comics she’s been featured in.

Everything Hurts

20 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With”

    • I still haven’t started that series, and hearing how every seems to be like, “Don’t do it,” I’m afraid to even try it.


  1. :giggles:
    1000 times yes on your Harley Quinn comment.I can’t get into Palmiotti/Connor Harley at all.

    + additional points for excellent gif usage 😀

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    • It hurts. That comic hurts. It hurts so bad that her comic is turning out to be as terrible and gross as it is. It makes me so said especially when we’re getting depth from her in comics that aren’t even about her. How is this? Why is this?

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      • I even have a soft spot for Gotham City Sirens Harley, but I disliked Palmiotti/Conner run right from the start only to give up completely after Valentine’s Day issue.
        It is so unnecessarily crude and gross (and I like Ennis, so it’s not due to my tastes- they just can’t make it work at all).

        I was thinking about post theme: I read urban fantasy a lot, and since most of books in UF genre are written in first person pov, me not clicking with character is almost always crucial in overall enjoyment and whether I’ll continue with series. It’s one genre where I noticed this happening. First that comes to mind is heroine from Prospero’s War series by Jaye Wells. Loved the idea behind series, heroine irked me to no end. :\


  2. Haha, I enjoyed this even though I don’t know all the characters. I’m not super familiar with HQ, but so far I’m not super interested in reading any of her comics. Maybe because I always see so many people dressed up as HQ at cons, etc., and it gets old. And Cyclops kind of sucks, haha.

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    • There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you ever find yourself curious, do no read the Connor/Palmotti run. It’s gross. Recent writers have really started to dig into how her relationship with Joker is an abusive relationship that has harbored a lot of anger and resentment in her while showing how some victims still think they love their abuser. They’ve started to add layers such as her telling people she can be whatever she wants to be without the Joker over her. If she wants to be smart, sexy, funny, etc, she can be that. COmics like Suicide Squad and Injustice and some of her original comics have done her the MOST justice. Connor and Palmiotti, though, gives us stupid scenes of her humping wax Joker statues. Ugh.

      Don’t get me started on Cyclops. We’d be here all day with me listing the many reasons I don’t like him. LOL.

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    • Lots of people like Tearling. I just couldn’t connect with the story at all. I just found the things Kelsea did nonsensical.


    • Yeah, I really hated him like really hate him. Funny thing, his name would make you think he’s probably an Asian character. He’s not. He’s a white dude who uses their future technology to look like a stereotypical Fu Manchu Asian man.


  3. Haha, great post.
    I didn’t post TTT this week as I got overtaken by other ‘things’. Queen of Tearling and Shadow Master had both occurred to me. You wouldn’t believe what my first choice (or second for that matter) – but Frodo – always kind of gets on my nerves a little bit and (hides) Harry Potter – I love the books and the films but Harry simply isn’t my favourite character! There, I said it. Everybody will now have to beat me and shun me!!
    Lynn 😀


    • There is nothing wrong with that. Some of these books I love, but some of the characters, even main characters, are so aggravating at times. Eren is basically the main character of Attack on Titan which I live, but he gets on my nerves. I love everyone else though. Trust me, I understand your pain. LOL.


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