Sunday Musings: INSPIRE!

Yesterday I went to my very first book fair! I’ve been going to and working for comic book conventions for well over a decade, but, since getting involved in the book blogosphere, I’ve been itching to attend a convention dedicated to some of my other loves. Enter INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair.


INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair is a place for readers to connect in the most immediate ways with those who write and with those who produce the books they love; a place where people can reconnect with the passion and enchantment of the world of reading.

INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair

Well, maybe some animals.

After convincing my six year old that the book fair was in no way related to the Royal Winter Fair and would not feature any ferris wheels, animals, or funnel cake (unfortunately), my daughters both joined me for a chilly, but sunny Toronto adventure that began at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

INSPIRE! Toronto International Book FairI loved the open, yet cozy vibe of the fair, with wide isles for visitors to stroll through and even stop to chat in without the feel of being overcrowded. This fair is young, so future events may very well see far more participants, but the layout allows for this, also offering many places for bibliophiles to sit down and relax and enjoy their purchases.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Stages were set up around the peripheral of the show floor, where different speakers and presentations were made. I caught some of Anne Rice’s discussion about her new book, Prince Lestat, my daughters got to listen to Andrea Beck, the author of one of their favourite series, Elliot Moose, and I happened upon a workshop called “A Conversation About Writing” presented by The Humber School for Writers.  I caught a bit about writing objectively versus subjectively,  wherein the ratio ought to be about 70% objective writing, and 30% subjective — unless you’re Ernest Hemingway, of course. Afterward, I visited the school’s booth and I plan to check out their creative writing correspondence program in the new year.

INSPIRE! Toronto International Book FairCreative writing program plans were the highlight of my fair adventure, as well as the opportunity to meet some of the ladies I write with over at Women Write About Comics. For my daughters, it was the great big Scholastic booth, as well as the Sands Alive table, where they got to play with a very fun new toy (that’s great for adults, too).

The only problem with taking the kids along, is that, while I wanted to stay and listen to more presentations, they eventually got bored with book fairs and wanted something a little more exciting.

Ripley's AquariumLike sharks.

So we hopped over to the Ripley’s Aquarium for some underwater fun.

All in all, a great mommy and daughters day, and a great experience for me as a bibliophile. Next year, I’d love to be more involved in the fair… time to sign up for some volunteerin




7 Comments on “Sunday Musings: INSPIRE!”

    • I guess the only thing more we needed was books *about* sharks… which the aquarium could have provided. They make you exit through the gift shop . Fortunately, I managed to escape with only a dolphin stuff and a little stone turtle.


    • It was! We would have climbed the CN Tower as well, but it was a lot more expensive than I expected. The aquarium was cheaper, but much better value. The girls had a blast there.


  1. This sounds like it was great fun and a great way to show your daughters your love of books. I love aquariums, too, so that was a great choice! Of course, I immediately thought of Ripleys Believe it or Not and thought the aquarium was related to that…LOL.


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