Sunday Musings: Nothing but the Rain

It’s nice to wake up to the rain at your window, even if there’s a little bit of lightning and thunder to go with it. For me, it signifies a day that should be spent in bed with a good book, and/or a good lap top.

All-Star SupermanIn my quest to find a Superman book that will help me finally appreciate the character, I’ve come, at last, to All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Superman already has so much working against him with me, because I just don’t like the character and have yet to find a well written story about him, despite numerous recommendations that I disagree with for various reasons. There’s also my dislike for Grant Morrison to worry about.

But I did like Morrison’s writing in We3 when he let Frank Quitely’s art tell the story, as it should be, with sequential storytelling.  And I definitely like Morrison’s creative decision to avoid “re-doing origin stories or unpacking classic narratives.” [x]

That’s an approach I can appreciate, so, despite my negatives about Superman stories in the past, I’m walking into this one feeling pretty positive.

There are lots of video games based on movies or television shows and comics, but what about video games based on novels and short stories? Imagine my gamer surprise when I discovered that my recent read, I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream is also a game! Guess what I will be playing soon??

I have no mouth but I must scream game

That said, the story it is based on is quite … trippy… to put it mildly. This game is going to be veeery interesting, to say the least. Perhaps I shall save it for the wee hours of my Extra Life charity gaming marathon.

bd4c441ee4240a461639090738c62f6eMy dad can literally count on one hand how many times he’s been late to a scheduled appointment. It’s a trait that he has instilled in me. Not only does it show respect for other people’s time, but it gives you that extra time to read. This also works well with my kids’ extra curricular activities. An hour and a half worth of gymnastics lessons? Perfect reading time.

6 Comments on “Sunday Musings: Nothing but the Rain”

  1. Ooh, I’ve read All-Star Superman! I remember buying it when it came out and thinking, man, how I would love to just sucker punch Superman in that fat, smarmy smug looking face of his on the cover. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can remember of that book. I remember not being terribly impressed, but like you, I was never that much of a Superman fan. Hope you enjoy it more than me!

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  2. I have inherited from an old neighbor a very old and battered copy of Superman: The Last Son of Krypton by Maggin. I tried reading many years ago but the writing didn’t work for me so I have to DNF even before I finished chapter one.

    I’m so happy that you finally found another Superman book that actually worked for you. Care to tell us why you dislike Grant Morrison?

    And yehey to the waiting. That’s why I fell inlove with my e-reader more and more because I can bring it anywhere and just take it out whenever I need to wait for a person, fall in line in a grocery store, wait to get my hair done, and wait for my cue inside a bank.


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