Sunday Musings

The sun is shining, the birds are singing. But it’s awfully humid, so I’m just going to muse in the basement where it’s nice and cool.


Apocalypse fiction has been a pretty big topic for me recently, and I suspect this great big conversation influenced my recent reading choice of Susan Ee’s Angelfall. I jumped right into World After, and now am chomping at the bit for more of Penryn & the End of Days. How exciting to learn that this might end up on the big screen!


I can’t call myself a true fan of Octavia E. Butler if I haven’t read her friend and mentor, Harlan Ellison. He has a large collection of short stories, each with such unique names, and even more unique stories within.  I chose I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream because sometimes, that’s exactly how I feel…


I love fantasy and science fiction. But I am so very tired of the rhetoric that keeps telling me that I have no place in it as a woman of colour unless I am a whore or an exotic novelty.  Simply put, if you can imagine alien species and dragons and all sorts of wonderful magical things, then you can most certainly imagine that people like me can be actual people in your stories, rather than plot devices. And if you want to use the excuse that you’re trying to reflect the cultural dynamic of the area and the history, then do your damn research.


Things I need in my life: a custom made sidetable to house my favourite books.


6 Comments on “Sunday Musings”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the Penryn and the End of Days series. I didn’t think book two was as good as the first, but I still loved it. I am practically salivating for book three…

    And yes, that is a very cool sidetable!


  2. What the Penryn books might be made into movies? I didn’t hear that but then I’m so out of the loop. Glad you enjoyed them too.

    Who said you can’t write! Or feature as MCs in fantasy? We’ll throw mealy maggoty produce at them!

    back to reading….Hmm cool sidetable but it would have to hold more books in my opinion


    • I’d use the side table for only my favourites (and try really hard not to turn it into a dining table…)

      I just saw the movie business on her GR feed, but the link was from 2013, so who knows. All the YA and apocalypse stuff in the theatres though has certainly paved the way for something like this.


  3. Oh yes, I’ve made it a goal to find books discussing the actual diversity of history instead of the whitewashed and male-dominated version that has seeped its way into our media culture. I read a book about historical women in science last summer that touched on the stories I already knew about also stories I didn’t and details I didn’t! I also grabbed that real life princesses behaving badly book that I’m excited to read for the same reason 😉


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