YA Weekend and GIVEAWAY: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

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Storm SirenStorm Siren by Mary Weber

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Series: Book 1 of Storm Siren

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (August 19, 2014)

Author Information: Website | Twitter

Mogsy’s Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

When I finished Storm Siren, I was speechless. If I am correct about what the ending implies, I just could not believe the story had the audacity and boldness to say, “Oh YES indeedy, I am going to go there!” And honestly, it’s refreshing whenever a Young Adult novel surprises me. I like unpredictability especially when it comes to my YA, and weird as this may sound, I admit I do get a little thrill in my heart whenever I get completely blindsided.

It was, however, a journey to get to that point. One of the reasons why I think Storm Siren will be a very successful book is because it mixes the familiar with the new. Yes, we have some unexpected plot twists and bombshells, an incredible world with a rich magic system, and a heroine with a unique superpower. But balanced with this is also a novel that feels distinctly like it belongs in this genre, with archetypal characters and the usual tropes of YA. Despite this, I believe YA readers will feel comfortable with it and love it for what it is.

The book opens with our protagonist, a seventeen-year-old Elemental girl named Nym, facing her fifteenth sell as a slave. An unfortunate incident triggers her storm-summoning powers while she is on the auction block, resulting in chaos and panic. After passing out, Nym wakes up inexplicably in a luxurious bedroom in a mansion, and is informed that she has been purchased by Adora, the rich and influential noblewoman and court advisor to the king of Faelen.

Throughout this entire novel, we are told that Nym is special. This is practically thrust into our faces the entire time, from the fact that she shouldn’t even exist, since Elementals are all supposed to be only born male, to her role as the only person who can save Faelen in the war against the neighboring kingdom of Bron. But Nym isn’t the perfect savior either. She’s reluctant to use her powers even in defense of her friends due to her inability to control the storm. She has also already caused no small number of deaths in her life, albeit accidentally, and hates the idea of killing more people even if they are the enemy.

Storm Siren features a great story, encompassing a lot of political intrigue and epic battles. The story itself is definitely a winner. But that isn’t to say it couldn’t have been stronger, and perhaps it is a credit to the book and author that my only issue was that I always felt like wanting more.

I mentioned the world and the magic earlier in this review, for example. When Nym is sent to train with a tutor to hone her Elemental abilities, her classmate as it were is a boy named Colin who is a Terrene, someone from his land who can manipulate the earth and stone. Terrenes are also always born as twins, with one twin having abilities and the other not. Apparently, there are even more “brands” of magic users in this world, each with their own specific types of powers and presumably interesting facts about their backgrounds. I mean, this stuff is great! It’s world-building gold. Unfortunately, we just don’t get to learn much about them at all. This is possibly due to limitations like book length or the fact the author couldn’t work those details into the plot, but I sometimes also felt like she may have been trying to put too much into her story.

I also think more emphasis could have been placed on supporting characters. We only have a total of about five characters we really get to know, and I found Breck and Eogan interesting but a few others were quite superficial, like Adora the classic cold villain or Colin with the heart of gold and a personality of a golden retriever puppy. I thought some of the other characters of the court, like the king and a couple of visiting nobles and a princess could have been developed more as well, since relatively they weren’t given much attention but they all had pivotal roles to play by the end of the novel. It would have given the politics and the brewing war between the different kingdoms that extra oomph, and perhaps made things less confusing.

Like I said, I wanted more – but I’m also the kind of person who constantly asks questions when I’m reading, especially when it comes to a book’s world and lore. Did I need all this information to enjoy the story? No, the story itself is solid, even though I felt more world building could have enhanced it. Just when I thought for sure I had everything nailed down, just when I figured it was all going to end the same neat and tidy way that all YA books do, the last few chapters with the final showdown threw me for a loop. I learned that Mary Weber is someone who is not afraid to do things with her characters, even if it means shock and heartbreak to the reader. And I just have to admire and raise my glass to that.

The issues I mentioned notwithstanding, I did have a good time with this book. It started out like the YA novel it’s meant to be – feels like YA, reads like YA – but then went and gave me a surprise at the end. So ultimately I got exactly what I expected, plus a bit more as a bonus! 3.5 to 4 stars from me.


A review copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Thomas Nelson and Wunderkind PR!

* * *


Storm Siren

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12 Comments on “YA Weekend and GIVEAWAY: Storm Siren by Mary Weber”

  1. I got this at Comic Con but I decided to give it away. Perhaps I should quickly sneak in a reading? I do love authors that take chances with the plot, as long as it makes sense and isn’t drama for drama’s sake. So now I’m intrigued…


  2. I think I ask more questions the more interested I am – or in cases if I feel like there just isn’t enough. Maggie seemed to really enjoy it but I don’t think I’ll be reading it only because I’m trying to cut back on YA. I’m surprised you picked this one up!

    And now though I’m really wondering about the ‘oh yeah they went there’ sort of thing.


    • About 90% of my reading right now is adult, so I could definitely afford some YA novels in my diet right now, especially for my YA Weekends, and this one looked really awesome from the description. Elemental girl with fight in her, sounds good 🙂


  3. I’m so excited to read this book and even more so because everyone keeps talking about this ending! I love it when author’s manage to surprise us! I love being introduced to new and great magic systems and, while I think I probably will want more like you, I’m really excited to see this one. Great review 🙂


  4. Oh I think everyone is reading this one excerpt me, I’m surprised. But I confess I’m quite curious but many are speaking about the worldbuilding and I’m anxious about that too.


    • I certainly wish there was more world building, but since I’m most likely going to check out the second book to find out what happens, I’m hoping there will be a lot more of it then.


  5. Awesome review, Mogsy! I didn’t mind the lack of details about the Terrene’s abilities since I was thinking that it’s going to be explored in the next 2 books. But yeah, I need to take note of that when the sequel comes out. Thanks for emphasizing that one.

    I just hoped that Mary Weber will be able to continue the momentum. That ending was just shocking and a great way to keep the readers pining for book 2. I wish Veronica Roth will read this book so she will know how to make a unique ending without making it somewhat nonsensical.


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