Book Review: Generation V by M.L. Brennan + Bonus Iron Night Giveaway!

Generation VGeneration V by M.L. Brennan

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural

Series: American Vampire #1

LiveTweet Tag: #MLBGenV

Publisher: Roc (May 2013)


Wendy’s Rating ~ 4 of 5 stars

Brennan doesn’t shy away from sexuality. As much as she teases with promises of hot Suze/Fort sex, I love that sex can simply be a topic of conversation in this book. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but like everything else in Brennan’s writing, so very natural.

Urban fantasy isn’t a genre I step into often, but with Generation V, I was confident I was going to get something I could really enjoy. Why? Because I suspected that M.L. Brennan’s amusing, snarky, and fun personality that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with online would sneak into her writing.

I was not wrong.

Which is why I invited Brennan to participate in a livetweet of her book, which, turned out to be even more hilarious fun than I had expected it to be, and even led to some very strange places thanks to Batman.

Generation V isn’t your typical vampire story. In fact, Fortitude Scott is doing his best to avoid his vampire lifestyle. He dreads the few times his mother, Madeleine, demands his presence at family dinners with his brother Chivalry and sister Prudence, even if his self-imposed exile means working at crappy coffee shops and struggling to pay the rent. Though he does endure, Fortitude doesn’t quite live up to his name when it comes to letting others walk all over him. Until Madeleine extends visitation rights to a vampire with questionable morals. Fortitude is not a fan of this European vampires pedophilic tastes, but his mother and siblings refuse to do anything about it.

Enter The Kitsune.


Suzume Hollis is instantly a favourite, with her sexy sexiness and absolutely unapologetic attitude. I love how Brennan lets Suzume’s foxiness translate into her human attitude and actions. She is not afraid to speak her mind, no matter how utterly inappropriate it might be.

“If you let me use your witch I’ll take the judgmental bloodsucker away and you can get back to squirting elf juice in vajayjays.”

And she’s not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she needs, whether that be a donut, or Fort’s participation in her questionable plans.

Hired by Madeleine to be Fortitude’s body guard, she gets caught up in Fort’s bleeding heart antics when a local family is murdered, and the young daughters kidnapped.

As I said, Fort is not a typical vampire. Nor is Brennan’s vampire-making process, which turns out to be one of the most fascinating aspects of the story, even resulting in #bookflail moments for me in the epic showdown. When we meet him, Fortitude is still quite human, save for the pesky need for blood from time to time. He clings strongly to his human nature, despite his family’s admonitions, and fears his pending vampire transition because he does not want to lose that humanity.

This is a very sexy book, not just because of Suzume’s presence (though the foxy lady helps LOTS). I really like the way Brennan teases with Suzume’s obviously sexual nature, offering a lot of promise with what’s to come. While she doesn’t get raunchy or graphic with the sex talk, and Fortitude is a shy gentleman, I love that Brennan doesn’t shy away from sexuality. As much as she teases with promises of hot Suze/Fort sex, I love that sex can simply be a topic of conversation in this book. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but like everything else in Brennan’s writing, so very natural.

With everything that happened in book #1, and the doors it opened for the future of the series, I am definitely looking forward to reading more!





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11 Comments on “Book Review: Generation V by M.L. Brennan + Bonus Iron Night Giveaway!”

  1. I did like this book. Fort was a bit of a hard character for me to deal with, until he finally stood up for himself, but yeah, overall, I thought it was a great first installment. I’m glad you liked it too 😉


    • I’m interested to see where he goes now that he knows he can stand up for himself a bit better. And I’m definitely interested in what his transition will do to his resolve.


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