Best of 2021 and the Year in Review

It’s once again that time of the year where I look back at the last twelve months and round up my favorite reads! As always, my methods are going to be rather haphazard, but as you know I read a lot of books and having to narrow it down to just “Top 10” or even “Top 20” is a difficult (if not impossible) task. That’s why I never do a traditional list, and instead choose different genres/categories to highlight all the books that 1) were my favorites of the year, 2) I thought were most memorable, or 3) I think should be getting more love and attention. If I’m lucky and productive this week, I might be able to squeeze in a couple more books before the end of the year, but what you see here is pretty much it!


Science Fiction


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Young Adult


Overview: Books Read in 2021

Goodreads Ratings:

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18 Comments on “Best of 2021 and the Year in Review”

  1. I haven’t read any of these books, but The Shadow of the Gods, and Blade of Secrets are high on my TBR! And I’m currently reading the Murderbot series, so much fun!


  2. I always wonder how you manage to do all these things. Read so many books, play games, relocate,… Chapeau, Lady Mogsy! There should be an award for this achievement.
    You didn’t have any 1 star reviews this year?


  3. What a great year in reading you had Mogs. Some titles in this list are books that I am interested in but cannot see me reading in the near future. I am so far behind with my reading. Happy New year and belated Christmas


  4. I’m glad to see The Bone Maker on the list. I bought the audiobook after enjoying another of the author’s books, but haven’t listened to it yet. In the Garden of Spite didn’t work for me, but I really enjoyed Dead Space, Come With Me, and These Silent Woods. And of course there are more than a couple more on your list that I’d really like to try. 🙂


  5. Somehow I got the exact same two that I had on Tammy’s list! I’m a wee bit disappointed that I didn’t get to so many amazing books this year, but I guess that’s what next year’s for, right? 😉

    And only 5 books under two stars? You’re either getting soft or have somehow manage to pick mostly winners—either way is impressive 😁


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