Most Anticipated Releases of 2021: October to December

Time to look ahead to the Science Fiction and Fantasy reads I’m most excited about in the months of October to December! Not only is it fun to organize my reading and to make lists, they also have the added benefit of focusing my attention to the highly anticipated releases that I’d like to check out. This year, I decided to try something a little different by posting a list every quarter to make the TBR more manageable. There’s already an impressive tower of books on my to-read pile, and while I’m under no illusions that I’ll be able to read them all, hopefully I can get to most of them (and also put some new books on people’s radars)!

The last three months of the year are always a bit lighter in terms of releases, which is why November and December are always great for catching up with the books I may have missed earlier in the spring and summer, plus November is also Sci-Fi Month so you’ll probably see me cover more titles than are listed here. That’s why I’ve really tried to cut down on my must-reads this quarter, I promise!

So what are your most anticipated releases for the final quarter of 2021?


October 5 – The Light House Witches by C.J. CookeCackle by Rachel HarrisonA Spindle Splintered by Alix E. Harrow

October 12 – The Corpse Flower by Anne Mette Hancock

October 19 – Nothing But Blackened Teeth by Cassandra Khaw

October 26 – Grave Reservations by Cherie PriestThese Silent Woods by Kimi Cunningham Grant


November 2 – The Seventh Queen by Greta KellyA Marvelous Light by Freya MarskeThe Veiled Throne by Ken Liu,

November 9 – Comfort Me With Apples by Catherynne M. Valente

November 16 – Leviathan Falls by James S. A. Corey

November 23 – The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea StewartCytonic by Brandon Sanderson

November 30 – Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee


December 7 – The Liar’s Knot by M.A. Carrick

24 Comments on “Most Anticipated Releases of 2021: October to December”

  1. Well I see several series I still need to catch up on, and at least three times your workload in December. But I’m still hoping that I can use these next two months to catch up on ARCs I’ve missed from the year before too!

    Otherwise… don’t think I can add much. There are a couple things from series you’re not reading, but… there’s a Tchaikovsky novella (Elder Race) out sometime in November. Maybe that?


  2. I cant believe I forgot about Grave Reservations on my list! Ugh October is killing me, lol. And I guess Jade Legacy changed release dates? I swear it was a December release, or maybe that’s just wishful thinking🤣


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