May is Wyrd & Wonder: A Fantastical Month Of Fantasy

May is right around the corner, so you know what that means–Wyrd & Wonder is back! Hosted by imyril, Lisa and Jorie, this month-long event invites everyone to celebrate all things fantasy. While this will be its third year running, The BiblioSanctum is actually participating for the first time and I couldn’t be more excited!

All are welcome to join, and if you’d like to jump on board, you can sign up at the link above anytime. The idea behind the event is simple: focus on fantasy books, movies, TV shows, video games, or whatever medium you love that fall into the genre, and just have fun!

That said, here on the blog, we certainly won’t stop covering other genres, and I also promise you’ll continue to see coverage of our usual book reviews, weekly memes, spotlights and features. The difference though, is that you’ll be seeing a lot more fantasy-themed posts and these will be marked with the banner you see above.

Speaking of which, I already have a few fantasy reviews lined up, as well as a tentative Wyrd & Wonder TBR I’m hoping to tackle next month. This year, with the world on lockdown and the release dates of many spring releases delayed, I might actually have some extra time to hit up the backlist and catch up with some fantasy books I might have missed! So, in addition to my must-reads for May, I’m also hoping to get to the following, which includes some series catch-up titles and a few others I was unable to from previous years:

So what you are waiting for? Grab a banner and button and dive right in! Credit goes to Sujono Sujono for these gorgeous visuals!

26 Comments on “May is Wyrd & Wonder: A Fantastical Month Of Fantasy”

  1. This is so tempting Mogsy! You enrolled me in the Audiobook Challenge 2020 already maybe I’ll join this one too!


  2. Looking forward to seeing which you get through and what you think. Seeing Kingdom of Copper reminds me I still want to read The City of Brass.


  3. So glad you’re participating and will def look out for your thoughts on Rage of Dragons. I have the book and am curious about it because of dragons. The reviews of it I’ve seen have been mixed.


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