Friday Face-Off: Yellow

Welcome to The Friday Face-Off, a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy! Each Friday, we will pit cover against cover while also taking the opportunity to showcase gorgeous artwork and feature some of our favorite book covers. If you want to join the fun, simply choose a book each Friday that fits that week’s predetermined theme, post and compare two or more different covers available for that book, then name your favorite. A list of future weeks’ themes are available at Lynn’s Book Blog.

This week’s theme is:

“I wandered lonely as a cloud”
a cover that is predominantly YELLOW

Mogsy’s Pick:

Fiend by Peter Stensen

I’ve been feeling in a zombie kind of mood lately, which is why I thought I’d go with a lesser known yellow-cover book this week with Fiend, a novel about what the zombie apocalypse would look like if meth heads were the only survivors. What would happen, if for whatever reason, being a junkie somehow made you immune to the becoming one of the walking dead? It’s a pretty awesome social thought experiment, I have to say, even if the book itself ended up being a bit of a train wreck.

Let’s take a look at the covers:

From left to right:
Crown (2013) – Windmill Books (2014)

French Edition A (2014) – French Edition B (2015)


Call me traditional, but I’m a big fan of the French (2014) edition which is just “zombified” enough and just yellow enough to catch my attention without being too gaudy or contrived!

But what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

27 Comments on “Friday Face-Off: Yellow”

  1. The French editions do usually shout out at me and this one is no exception. I’m also drawn to that red cover that looks like blood has been painted very liberally everywhere.
    Lynn 😀


  2. This book looks so familiar, I remember loving that US cover when I first saw it. But I have to agree, I love the one you picked, it’s pretty creepy!!


  3. I’ve never heard of this book before but it definitely sounds like an unusual idea. Cover wise I quite like the red one which feels bad to admit on a yellow post 😅 yours definitely seems to fit what you’ve described, I just find it a little unnerving… although being a zombie book that’s perfect really.


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