Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Gifts I Hope I Find Under My Christmas Tree This Morning


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, a weekly meme that now resides at That Artsy Reader Girl. The meme first came about because of a love of lists. Who doesn’t love lists? The original creators also wanted their lists to be shared with fellow book lovers and to ask that we in turn share ours with them and connect with other book bloggers. To learn more about participating, stop by their page dedicated to it and dive in!

This week’s topic: Top Ten Bookish Gifts I Hope I Find Under My Christmas Tree This Morning

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to all!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is officially “Books I Hope I Find Under My Christmas Tree This Morning”, but quite honestly, I already have more than enough on my TBR to get through at the moment, so instead of books, I decided to feature bookish or reader related gifts that I think are pretty cool or useful (and wouldn’t mind having).

Book Sleeves

The problem with book sleeves is that you only ever really need one or two, at most a few. But all the many amazing and gorgeous designs out there make me wish I could own a few dozen.

Book Quotes Doormat

I love showing my love for fantasy in subtle ways, and having a quote doormat is a nice way to do it for when the delivery people or neighbors come around. I’m actually trying to convince my husband we need these, but I don’t know if I’m making any progress on getting him on board.

Bookish Apparel and Accessories

Speaking of showing off your love for books, another way I like to do it is through the clothing and jewelry I wear.

Book Totes

I can never have enough tote bags, especially in the summers when I visit the local library every week to stock up on reading materials for my kids. Most of mine are from shirt.woot, and I’ve gotten tons of laughs and compliments on them, so I’m always on the lookout for new available designs with bookish themes.


Huge audiobook listener that I am, I go through bluetooth headphones like they’re going out of style. I always carry a pair with me wherever I go, and around the house will be a couple more charging, ready to be switched out when my current one runs out of juice. Due to the hard and constant use, I probably replace a pair every few months, so I have a feeling I’ll find some in my stocking this year.

Dictionary bookmark

I’m not really big on bookmarks; most of the time, whenever I find myself in need of something to mark my page, I pick up whatever’s conveniently lying around be it an old receipt or a piece of candy wrapper. I kind of like the idea of an electronic dictionary bookmark, though. Not sure how well this thing actually works, but it’s a neat concept. Something like that would be super handy for when I’m reading a dead tree book. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself poking at a word on the page like an idiot, waiting for the definition to pop up, momentarily forgetting I’m not actually on my Kindle.

Art Books

Okay, so maybe there are some actual books I am wishing for today. For those who don’t know, I’m a collector of concept art books, for video games especially. There have been some recent ones I’m hoping to add to my collection.

Replica Swords of SFF

Speaking of collecting random things, my dream one day is to own a respectable collection of replica swords. Not too surprisingly, there are plenty out there inspired by fantasy literature. The best replicas are super pricey though, so if I ever win the lottery or stumble across some outrageous sum in pirate treasure, maybe it’ll happen.

Little Free Library

So you’ve all heard of the Little Free Library, right? It’s basically a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. Commonly, they take the form of a small wooden box that anyone can fill with books to share, or bring one home to enjoy. The ones I’ve seen in my area are mostly around local parks and playgrounds, but some people have also placed them in front of their houses to share with their neighborhood. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, if nothing else because it’s a fun way to donate my books and set them free in the world (let’s hope my neighbors enjoy Sci-Fi & Fantasy). If I had any woodworking talent, I’d make my own, though ready-to-be-assembled Little Free Libraries can also be purchased. Still, chances are it’s all a moot point anyway, since my despotic HOA would probably shoot this idea down faster than you can say BAH-HUMBUG! Oh well, I can dream, and if I ever move, a Little Free Library in my front yard might still be in my future.

New Shelves

I’ve long since run out of shelf space. Currently, the linen closet is doing double duty as a makeshift bookshelf, handling some of the overflow, while my side of the walk-in closet is stacked from floor to ceiling with even more books. If I were to grab a coat just a bit too violently, there’s a real possibility I might disturb something and get crushed to death in a horrible book avalanche. Yes, I am in desperate need of new shelves. My husband, who actually does have some woodworking skill, has promised to install some built-in bookshelves for our family room, but six years later, this project has still yet to get off the ground. After all this time, I’m not holding my breath, but with luck, maybe I’ll get to see some blueprints/plans this year at least!

So those are some of the neat bookish things I’ve stumbled across. What did you get (or are hoping to find) underneath the Christmas tree this year? Hope everyone is having a safe and merry holiday season!

33 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Gifts I Hope I Find Under My Christmas Tree This Morning”

  1. I think I need Speak Friend and Enter in my life! And Bend The Knee haha that’s awesome! I love a good art book too, especially fantasy/ SF art. I can think if a few I’d like to have!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. These all look like amazing things to get. I hope you got some or all! I am buying some new shelves for our basement with our Christmas money so we can move our board games and some of my husband’s RPG books down there. Bookshelves are the life. 😍


  3. I love your list. 🙂 I wound up skipping for the same reason you changed it up, wish I had thought of that because I have plenty of bookish items I would love. I got some ikea bookshelves this year, with an added shelf on top so they *almost* have the same effect as builtins (but not really … but way easier!). Those art books look gorgeous!


  4. Some great gift ideas here and who doesn’t need more shelves? I really hope to get a book sleeve or two in the new year. Hope you had a great Christmas and sorry for visiting late – life sometimes gets in the way, especially around the holidays.


  5. Book avalanche – what a way to go though – smothered in words. I love the ‘speak friend and enter’ doormat and also the room with the shelves – not just the shelves though – the whole room looks good to me.
    Lynn 😀



    But I especially love the idea of the free library/mail box 😀 I’d love to have one in front of the house but.. we live in the bush so there’s only kangaroos coming past hahaha

    Doormats are pretty neat as well and I always need more tote bags ❤ Tote bags for life!


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