Waiting on Wednesday 03/15/17

“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that lets us feature upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

Mogsy’s Pick

Thrawn by Timothy Zahn (April 11, 2017 by Del Rey)

I’m going to start with what I suspect will be a very unpopular opinion here, but to tell the truth, I’ve never really cared for the Thrawn trilogy books. I think they’re overrated, honestly. Thrawn, however, is still one of the best characters to come out of Star Wars universe, like EVER, so you can bet I will still be reading this one come hell or high water. As you know the original series has now been classified “Legends” along with much of the old Expanded Universe, but Thrawn was canonically reintroduced in the current season Star Wars Rebels and this book is supposed to cover the story of his rise to power. According to Timothy Zahn, we’ll get to see how his character became so respected in the Empire and why he is such a brilliant tactician, and perhaps some of it too will fit nicely with the original trilogy so I expect there will also be plenty of Easter eggs for fans.


21 Comments on “Waiting on Wednesday 03/15/17

  1. If one thing would get me to break my no new Star Wars thing it would be Zahn writing about Thrawn again. The Thrawn Trilogy was my favorite of the old trilogies, and not over rated in the slightest!

    Swords at dawn.


    • I sincerely hope this new iteration of Thrawn will be good. For me it would be a way for Zahn to redeem himself for the disappointment I felt after everyone told me the original Thrawn trilogy was SOOO good and I ended up being less than impressed 😛

      Yep, swords at dawn!


  2. Didn’t care for the Thrawn trilogy? That’s it, we can no longer be friends. 🙂

    I have fond memories of them, but that’s likely because I read them in hardcover as they were released, and (at the time) they looked to be the only extension of the original trilogy we’d ever see. Not sure they’d stand up to a re-read, and I’m usually wary of prequels, but I would like more Thrawn.


    • For sure, I think *when* you read the original Thrawn trilogy has a lot to do with it. Many people I’ve talked to who loved the books admit that they had read it at the time and are not sure how well they’d hold up today. I read them later on in the 2000s and by then I’d read more recent Star Wars books and Zahn’s writing felt lackluster and rather dated by then.


  3. I still need to read the Thrawn trilogy books 😮
    I know it’s not really canon anymore (?) but it sounds like a trilogy that really impacted a lot of people, and a lot of star wars fan. I feel like I’m missing on something big x)


  4. Not for me personally but I hope you love it – that cover is a bit Terminator isn’t it – well, not the blue obviously! Okay, not really at all but maybe the eyes, a tad.
    Lynn 😀


  5. LOVE the cover! I would really like to read the original trilogy, despite your lack of enthusiasm just because it seems like a rite of passage for stars books! This does look fun! Hope it thrills you more than the originals!


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