Wendy’s 2016 Happy Holidays Round-Up

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you are enjoying some peaceful family time on this special day. I’m being sarcastic. My Christmas holidays are anything but peaceful, but if you get to enjoy a silent night, then power to you! If the holidays just aren’t your thing, or you don’t celebrate them at all, perhaps a stroll through my 2016 reads might inspire some additions to your to-read pile to keep you occupied while everyone else is hungover on eggnog and bright lights.

Worlds Without End

Worlds Without End houses all my challenge needs thanks to its Roll-Your-Own-Reading Challenge that people more diligent than I have put together a diverse collection of challenges to inspire readers. I particularly like these challenges as they help keep me focused on the books I already own, helping to curb the temptation to buy more (one of my resolutions next year is to stop impulse buying, but that doesn’t count for books, right?) . I am pleased with my results there year (I grabbed these images before I finished Star Wars: Bloodlines and Brown Girl In the Ring, so add those to the pretty — but I shamelessly admit to a few tweaks along the way to make sure my list is the best that it can be…).



Good old Goodreads never fails with its reading challenge. It’s a basic challenge — read X many books — but its simplicity is what makes it a constant for me. And now that they provide these fantastic summaries of the year, well, I’ll never leave you, Goodreads. Never. (I swear I only checked out Litsy for a few minutes.)


I keep my challenge goal at 100 books now to avoid over reaching. I usually don’t have a problem getting to 100, and the few that go over are a nice bonus. As I look forward to the new year, I’m already stacking my shelves for the next challenges. What will you be reading?

12 Comments on “Wendy’s 2016 Happy Holidays Round-Up”

  1. I hope GR never censors you or deletes a review/shelf because some indie complains.
    But I have to admit, I AM jealous of those stat tools.

    So keep on reading and reviewing!


    • That is truly unfortunate that GR does that — I take it this happened to you? That really sucks 😦 . I think I’m pretty fair with my criticism and I have had the good fortune of dealing with authors who understand that constructive criticism comes with the territory,

      Liked by 1 person

      • Free speech is important. I don’t owe those writers any constructive criticism. If they’re going to put out shit product, I’m going castigate them for the time wasting, soul sucking scumbags they are.
        And I’ll end there, because that is the nice end of the spectrum 😀


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