Sanctum Sanctorum: May the Force Be With You

Normally we save our Sanctum Sanctorum discussions for the end of the month, but how could we miss the perfect opportunity to talk Star Wars. Because clearly we don’t talk about Star Wars enough on this blog. Share your Star Wars love in the comments! (Because obviously everyone loves Star Wars, right??)

When did you first venture off to the galaxy far far away?

Wendy: I was just a year old when A New Hope hit the theatres, so I didn’t watch it till years later when it was on TV. I remember always being really scared of the monster in the trash compactor. Then Empire Strikes Back came out and we went to see it as a family. My brother may never forgive me for making him take me to the potty during the first Yoda scene.

Lando | Empire Strikes BackTiara: I wasn’t around when the first Star Wars movie came out, so it was some years after the movies released that I was introduced to them. I can remember being around 6 or 7 when I watched The Empire Strikes Back. My aunt, who isn’t so much into science-fiction, had a huge crush on Billy Dee Williams at the time. I was already a fan of science-fiction stories, so I begged to see all the movies.

Mogsy: I grew up overseas in Asia. We were in China in the late 80s/early 90s and there were no such things as early Saturday morning cartoons, sports games, after-school activities or outdoor recreations or any number of the things parents usually turned to keep to their children occupied for me and my brother. So, what my mom did was put on VHS tapes of American movies over and over to keep us entertained. (Actually, this was how my love for many of  the 70s and 80s sci-fi and adventure movie series developed, not just for Star Wars but also Indiana JonesBack to the FutureGremlins and Ghostbusters, just to name a few.) I was probably 6 or 7 then. All three movies were already out by the time I was even born, but how I wish I could have been around to experience Star Wars with the rest of the world for the first time ever on big screen. I can only imagine the electrifying sense of awe in the theater. Anyway, I think I had a time machine, I would take it back to 1977 and watch Star Wars. Pretty frivolous use of a time machine, really, but there you go.

How obsessed were (lol okay are) you?

Wendy: I used to watch the movies every time they came on television and still have the original VHS videos (the ones with the painted covers, not that remastered crap). I obsessively read the expanded universe books and had a subscription to Lucasfilm Magazine where I picked through every page to find out when we would get the promised prequels. I was there at midnight for the first showing, and even though the prequels hurt my soul, I’ll still bleed for Star Wars. It was my first fandom where my first OTP (Han and Leia) lived and the world in which I wrote my first fanfiction before I even knew what fanfiction was. This past Christmas, I treated three generations of my family and we all went to see The Force Awakens on Christmas day. It was glorious. I’ve started reading and re-reading the books and comics again and collecting toys…. for all the criticisms thrown at the movie–even the prequels–I can’t think of anything that is so universally compelling; that has insinuated itself into so much of our cultures. Even if you don’t like Star Wars (who are you?) you know what it is and what it’s about.

Tiara: Honestly, I think between the three of us on this site that I’m the more casual fan, which I guess is still more rabid than most people. For years, I mainly watched the movies. Then, I ventured into the games. I learned more about the universe through friends and the internet. Now, I’ve started to dive more into the books and comics. I did get dressed up as a Jedi and go see The Force Awakens opening night with my husband. We had fun being surrounded by other fans.

star wars cansMogsy: Well, I think it’s no secret that I’m a Star Wars addict. If you follow this blog, then you’ve also likely seen my Star Wars book reviews and all my Star Wars related ramblings on Twitter. I used to be a lot worse back when I was younger and I had a lot more time and spare cash to spend on my obsession. In high school, I built and painted dioramas for my Star Wars action figures for fun. In my senior year I wrote my Psychology paper on the Jungian archetypes of Star Wars. Our family’s ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is named Mara after Star Wars‘ most famous redhead. All through my life, I collected pretty much everything and anything Star Wars related, and I mean everything and anything, like, even the soda cans from when Pepsi Co. did that whole ad campaign with The Phantom Menace. Yeah, we’re talking that obsessed. These days, I’ve mellowed out a lot and I’m pretty much content now to just watch all the movies, all the shows, read the books and comics, and buy the occasional toy for my kids (okay, fine, they’re mostly for me).

Favourite character?



Wendy: Originally, Han Solo. Handsome and dashing. I was smitten. Now, having matured and branched out into the expanded universe, I’ve met so many other amazing characters. Mara Jade is a given, but I am particularly fond of the characters that question the Force and struggle between the so-called Dark Side versus Light Side. Can’t we all just get along? First, it was Jolee Bindoo from the game, Knights of the Old Republic. Then it was Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic II. And before them, the Dathomiri witches, and Vergere from the book Traitor, who taught Jacen Solo that there was no Dark and Light; only the Force.

And also, Poe Dameron. Handsome and charming on screen and off. I’m smitten.

Tiara: I can’t say that I really have just one favorite character. I don’t think it’s ever just been one character for me that made Star Wars. The reason why I enjoy the universe is because of what many of the characters add to the story, how these characters work together (or against) one another in this universe. It’s more about the synergy that all the characters come together to create that I enjoy. So, with that in mind, I guess most of them are my favorite. They all bring something different to the table.

Mogsy: I can’t name just one favorite character, that’s too hard! Maybe you want to get more specific? I mean, do you want my favorite character from the original trilogy, from The Force Awakens, from Star Wars Rebels, from the Old Republic era, from the all the numerous different series of comics, games, books, TV shows etc. etc. etc.? From Boba Fett to BB-8, Sabine Wren to Darth Bane, Quinlan Vos to Revan, Jaina Solo to Rex, I have a different answer to pretty much every question and it also might change from day to day depending on what mood I’m in, or even how the Star Wars universe evolves. It is full of so many great characters, from both the old EU and the new canon, and they’re constantly adding more. Really, I love a lot of characters–as long as their name isn’t Jar Jar.

Sith or Jedi?

Wendy: Dathomiri Witch. In other words, if I have Force powers, I don’t want to be any where near those Jedi or Sith punks and their ridiculous codes.

Mogsy: These days, when I ask my four-year-old daughter who her favorite Star Wars character is, she always answers Darth Vader and then will proceed to belt out the Imperial March. I have no idea when or how my sweet little girl went Dark Side, but I may have to choose Sith just so we can rock a Darth Vader/Kylo Ren team when we play Disney Infinity.

Tiara: Captain

18 Comments on “Sanctum Sanctorum: May the Force Be With You”

    • I think we all probably had that “WHAT?!” moment when it was revealed they were related. LOL.


  1. Great answers, ladies! 🙂

    I actually didn’t watch my first full Star Wars movie until The Phantom Menace… Yeah. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I wasn’t interested in science fiction or fantasy until that point. Now that I’ve seen all seven movies to date, I agree that the first trilogy is MUCH better than the prequel trilogy… and The Force Awakens was a hell of a lot better than the prequels, too. That one was so much fun to watch in the theater!

    Like Tiara, I don’t know if I can pick out one favorite character, either. I love Leia for her feistiness, Han Solo for being his rogue self, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Rey and Finn from The Force Awakens. I especially thought Finn had a fascinating journey from Stormtrooper to a lost soul trying to find his new place in the universe now that he questioned his beliefs.

    And Jedi. Yes. I would be a Jedi. I don’t think I’d survive as a Sith. :S XD

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  2. Fantastic post! I hate to admit it but I actually saw A New Hope in the theatre when it came out. I remember standing in a long line to get in and the energy of the crowd once inside. The scene where Leia kisses Luke “for luck” was one of my favorites (until, you know, it was weird!)


  3. Oh, and how cool that you grew up in China, Mogsy! I’m always fascinated when I find out people I know weren’t born in the U.S.


    • Yep, I grew up in many different places around Asia actually, since my dad worked for a company that always transferred him. So it was Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, etc., every four years we would move to another city 🙂


  4. Hahaha Your little girl rocks Mogsy!

    This was a fun post! I’ve always been obcessed with the movies, I grew up watching them and don’t even remember when I saw them the first time. I’ve played a couple of the games, but I’m a pathetic fan when if comes go the books. That’s my goal for the year! It’s awesome that they’re popular again!


    • There are some really great books out there in the Star Wars universe, and then there are some that are just LOL. We have plenty of reviews here if you need ideas of what to read. 😉

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  5. The first Star Wars movie launched what I call the renaissance of movie science fiction: it showed that you could have both adventure and fun and they could be intelligent; that you did not need creepy monsters to carry a story and that space battles could be FUN. I was already an adult when the movie came out (yes, I’m *that* old – LOL) but I still remember the awesome sense of wonder that the movie inspired.


  6. I saw the original trilogy on TV too, and used to watch them every time they came on. Sadly I can’t live up to the level of obsession/fan love of you three (I’ve only seen the movies), but I do have the entire score of The Force Awakens memorized from my orchestra days. I played those songs at least a hundred times, and not just because I needed to practice, haha!

    Mogsy, your daughter sounds adorable. Enjoy those Dark Side team-ups! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL yeah she loves Star Wars! I’m sure part of it is my own excitement and fandom rubbing off on her, but a large part is also just her picking up on the wonder and the excitement of the Star Wars universe. She loves the stories and the different characters, and it appears she has trouble picking her favorites too…this week I asked her who was her favorite again, and this time she answered Ahsoka Tano 🙂

      And the Star Wars score is a timeless classic. I used to be able to play all those songs on the piano 🙂


  7. LOVED reading about your Star Wars habits and tastes girls^^ For me, when the first movie came out, I wasn’t even born, and growing up, my mom wasn’t into sci-fi/fantasy shows so I only got into Star Wars as a young adult – granted, I do remember watching the Ewoks cartoons when I was like 4 years old so I guess that kind of counts too LOL! I probably watch the entire movie series 1x year but I want to get into more of the expanded universe…I just don’t know where to start! Favorite characters? I have to say Obi Wan…my crush on Ewan McGreggor helps that way too, but I loved the character before that. I also really like Vader, Han of course, and while I didn’t adore Luke before, he’s grown on me more and more…but that could also be due to my love for Mark Hamill XD


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