The Road to Civil War: Whose Side Are You On?


Spoiler: If you didn’t just answer that question with Captain America, we can’t be friends. You can’t be here.

American Eagle Crying

I’m kidding. 😀 Really, I am. You still can have an epic brofist even if you said Iron Man.

Let’s talk about Civil War. *takes a deep breath* I’m in a good place now. I can do this. Before I get this post rolling, for those of you who haven’t watched the trailer for the new movie, enjoy:

Like any good Marvel nerd, I’ve watched that new trailer for the upcoming Civil War movie with joy in my soul. Okay, I am lying. After hearing that the new Captain America movie was going to adapt Civil War for the big screen, I admit I was a little apprehensive… okay… very apprehensive. What am I saying? I almost had a heart attack. Let me explain.


Civil War used to be the one Marvel crossover event (until Avengers vs X-Men) that fueled nothing but rage in my heart with how they handled things. Any conversation about this event in the early days of its fruition fostered a sith-like rage rant that was nigh uncontrollable. When I say I hated Civil War with every fiber of my being while it was going on, believe those words. I’m a passionate person. I feel very strongly about many things including my nerd habits. The only thing Civil War did was push me from casual Captain America fan to rabid Captain America fan. I’m talking American Eagle screeching every time I see Captain America rabid type fan now, the kind of fan that stands up, puts her hand over her heart, and screams like Jack Swagger “WE THE PEOPLE!” every time I see him (Yes, I am a wrestling nerd, too). I love Captain America.

We the People

WE THE PEOPLE! *America Eagle screech*

Seriously, though, I really came to respect the character much more and really started paying attention to his stories which are more than just stories that are about everything America should be. His iconic stand against the government will forever be one of my favorite comic moments, that moment that he declared that he is not the will of the government but the will of the people.

Civil War also did another thing. It soured me on Tony Stark for many years. I only recently started rereading Iron Man comics in probably the last year or so. It felt like Marvel went overboard with making him completely despicable during Civil War. Even when I felt Tony had a valid point at times, the sentiment was lost because I couldn’t stand the character or the way they were making him act. That same reasoning is part of the reason why Avengers vs. X-Men drove me crazy. This time it was Captain America being completely deplorable even when he had a good point. During AvX, even Tony Stark was like, “Remember how much of a dick I was during Civil War, Cap? Don’t be that guy, okay.” Side Note: However, I thought AvX did a much better job of making me hate both sides of the playing field. Probably not what they were going for, but it was hard to like either team. Also, AvX did have this scene of Tony Stark saying YOLO about science stuff to kind of redeem it as well:

Fuck Science

Shorter Tony: “Fuck Science! LOL.”

The movie is only going to be loosely based on the Civil War event while we travel the road to the movie premier, and that is for the best to keep the story as self-contained as possible. The trailer makes it seems like they’re trying to take the core of what made Civil War what it was and bring it to the big screen. This was a massive event in the comics, probably one of the biggest to date, spanning well over 90 comics. It affected the lives of just about every character in the Marvel Universe, and while I didn’t like it much, I did like that they really did their best to show that this was everyone’s problem in the comics and not just a couple of groups of characters. It affected everyone from the X-Men to the Runaways. It was huge.

Since watching the trailer, a crazy idea popped into my head. Maybe I should revisit the Civil War comic event. Obviously, I don’t plan to reread all the comics, but the story arcs that mattered the most in the story I wanted to read again. Who knows how I may feel about it after so many years. It’ll be like looking at it with new eyes, and I’m taking you along for the ride. I think there are just enough important arcs to maybe get us nearly to the US premiere of the movie. Will I still scream into a pillow about how much this pisses me off? Will age and time have tempered out my feelings about it? Only one way to find out. Let’s do this, squad!

Squad Goals

Coming up: The Road to Civil War by Brian Michael Bendis and J. Michael Straczynski 

19 Comments on “The Road to Civil War: Whose Side Are You On?”

  1. I’ve never been a comics geek, so my appreciation of this arc is coming entirely from the MCU, but fear not. I am 100% Team Cap. (There may be some Bucky-related nudging in that direction to help me along…) 😀


    • Nothing wrong with that. Just be prepared to see me cry and rant over the next few months. LOL. I was a little worried when I heard they were making a Civil War movie just because I knew how HUGE the event was and I knew they couldn’t replicate that. I’m more optimistic with the things they’re trying to do to make it self contained for the movies, though.


    • I’m hoping that it’ll turn out really good since they’re not going to make it as huge as the original story which is so astronomical. I’m actually starting to get a little excited for it. 😀


  2. I haven’t read the comics, but I’ve been watching the movies, and it’s already felt like they were leading up to something HUGE for Captain American 3. So, when I saw the Civil War trailer (the same one you showed here) leading up to the new Star Wars movie, I was like, “Holy LSJKAFLKAJSKLFJASKLFJAKJKSJJSFAA.” It gives me the impression that this isn’t the typical “superhero battles evil villain” film, but one where the characters just so happen to be against each other because of opposing goals and motivations. Again, I’m saying this with the limited perspective I have from the MCU films. But if it takes that route, not only would I thrilled, but I’ll probably go into cardiac arrest because of… well, everything. *lol*

    Anyways, I’m definitely interesting in learning the “comic side” of Civil War and how it may (or may not) differ from the film version. Count me in. 🙂

    Also, I’m like you, Tiara. I’m a Cap girl. Sorry, Tony, but you were never my favorite. *sucker-punches Iron Man, then screams in agony and runs away because her wrist is shattered*

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    • Civil War in the comics had so much potential and really it was such a defining moment for many heroes and villains, but none quite like Captain America. This is when he stood up for the people and reminded the government he wasn’t there to terrorize people into compliance for them, he was a hand of the people. I loved it and that’s what made me really start caring about him more as a character. Couple that with scenes of him encouraging kids like Patriot, the African-American leader of the Young Avengers when he was distraught because he’s a black hero filling a role that doesn’t see his face as the face of America. He’s had some great moments. And while the CW movie will be insular, I hope they capture some of that.

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  3. Haha! I loved this! I’ve been considering rereading them too. I actually stopped reading comics after Civil War, so I hadn’t heard about Avengers vs X-men. I really related to Spiderman in this Arc. At first, yeah go with the law, but then whoa they’re going overboard, I’m so with Captain America now! To be honest I never really liked Tony or Steve in the comics. (I love movie Tony!)

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  4. Looks like I’ll be the lone Team Iron Man supporter here – that’s okay, I always love rooting for the “baaaaaaad guys” 😉

    Plus, once you pledge your loyalty to your superhero, you just gotta stand by him through hell or high water, you know? Even if he is a world class asshole 😀

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    • I think you have one other supporter with you and and someone who started as a Tony supporter and then couldn’t talk his BS anymore. You’re in sort of good company. LOL. The most important part is that he was willing to admit his way was wrong and tries to keep others from doing the same thing. In that respect, he grew.


    • I have to agree. Tony had his moments. Instead of being so staunchly stupid as many can be in these crossovers, he actually did pull it together. Both him and Cap, and there were some fall out for his actions at least for a while with him being ostracized in that way only superheroes can manage. LOL. And he did show real regret for his part. So they got some of it right.


  5. I didn’t really start getting into comics after the Civil War arc, so I missed it. I’ve been tempted to go back and re-read it. Maybe I’ll wait to see how hard it makes you rage this time around.

    Also, that gif of the eagle with a flag tattooed on its face and crying tears of justice is the most epic thing I’ve seen in a while.

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    • I might have a more mellow read this time. I was in college at the time these books came out, and I was already a wreck, so maybe my new grown up eyes might help.

      I always have find a way to use the crying eagle of justice. She/He is very important to my well-being. LOL

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