Tiara’s 2015 in Review

2015 marked the year I came back from a hiatus in 2014 due to some real life things going on. I can’t ever really say that my life isn’t in a constant state of flux, but I put in some effort this year. For 2016, I plan to focus a bit more on audiobooks and comics, so prepare yourself. I’m working on a big project at work that has already started to take up quite a bit of my time and will take up much of my time around all the other things I want to do with this upcoming year. However, I’ll be around and throwing up reviews and different things. So, here’s my 2015 in review with some help from Goodreads because I really liked what they did this year with breaking down a reader’s year in review, so I just went with (most of) it. You can see the full page here.





Goodreads says I’m really good at reading. I know right, Goodreads. It’s crazy, isn’t it?


As stated in our final update post of the year, I read 59 books and hit the Marathoner goal, which is a really huge achievement for me and audiobooks. I will definitely be participating next year as well! Here’s what go me through a year of listening.



Despite all the distractions in my real life, I’d say I had a really good reading year, especially when it came to audiobooks!

tiara 2

14 Comments on “Tiara’s 2015 in Review”

  1. Audiobooks saved my reading life this year. When real life gets busy with work or whatever else, at least knowing you can listen to audiobooks on your commute or while cleaning the house, doing dishes or whatever is THE BEST! I just finished listening to Ready Player One actually and I LOVED it 😀 Happy 2016 Tiara!!

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    • Yes, I agree! I’m sure I wouldn’t have had such a great year if it wasn’t for audiobooks. When times got busy, as it often does, audiobooks were there to keep me afloat. I used to shy away from them, but now I love them! You have a happy 2016, as well. Thank you!


  2. Seriously, thank goodness for Audiobooks! I haven’t added things up yet but I think at least half if not more of my reading this year was audiobooks. Glad you had such a good year with them as well! You are such a good reader;0)!

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    • Agreed. I am so glad that I got into them, even if it took all this time to actually get into them. While reading 100 books certainly is no small feat, I wouldn’t have made it to 160 without them because there were days I didn’t get to read anything at all, but I could listen to things. Thankfully.


    • 1 or 100. You took the first step. You should absolutely feel proud that you made it through 1. Hopefully you enjoyed it!


  3. Looks like you had a really great year! I’m excited to hear you plan on doing more comics in 2016. I tend to binge on comics when I’m super busy with real life stuff since they’re usually quick reads for me.

    That’s an impressive amount of audiobooks!

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    • Thanks! I’m the same way. When life gets hectic, I fall back on comics and easy reads when times get too hectic more as a distraction and stress reliever when I need it. I always seem to get in a phase where I want to read more comics, and I hadn’t read as many as I’d planned to last year, so I’ll try again this year.

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