Sunday Musings: The Slump

I’ve been away for a while. Not, away away. Just, not here at Bibliosanctum so much. Fortunately, my co-bloggers have more than kept you entertained with their voracious reading and reviewing.

It’s not that I’ve been absent in relation to bookish things. I’m still reading and am ahead of my Goodreads challenge goal, but for some reason, every time I sit down to write a review, even for books I have loved, I find myself with nothing useful to say.

It happens, writer’s block, so I’m not overly worried about it. And it’s not like I’m not writing at all. A lot of my writing has gone into thoughts on geek culture that I share at Women Write About Comics. I am having trouble focusing my creative writing, but at least I’m still doing it (more on that in a moment). Alas, I’m sure something will click back into place soon and you’ll see me around here more often than just for Tough Travelling lulz. 🙂


As I said, I am still writing creatively and just recently submitted a 2-page comic script to She Writes the Script. I’ve had an idea for a short story in my head for a while, but had not considered writing it up in comic format (which is funny to me, since that’s how I always used to think when it came to creative writing). The concept of She Writes the Script is really great, where the artist will choose one of the submitted scripts per month and put together to pages. I’m not sure how many other people may have or will submit to the project, but I enjoyed the process of finally writing out one of my ideas to completion.


This one‘s for Tiara, who, among many other things, is an appreciator of nail polish/art.


12 Comments on “Sunday Musings: The Slump”

  1. I love Women Write About Comics.
    ..and I just realized I bought Sunstone because of review you wrote!
    So, thank you for that; even when you’re in slump, you are on to something. 😀

    Good luck with your script is a great project and I hope you’ll have fun doing it. Maybe it’s exactly what you need.


  2. Slumps of any kind are tough. They always end eventually, but getting to that end is like being the kid sitting in the backseat and saying “Are we there yet?” over and over again. :/

    I just pulled myself out of a reading slump, so I know the feeling. Three books in a row last month disappointed me (two to the point of DNF’ing), so I was worried I wouldn’t like my next pick, which was a book everyone seems to love this year (Naomi Novik’s Uprooted). It turned out to be the rescue rope I needed.

    Good luck with She Writes The Script! And I love the painted nails photo – and the “caption.” Hee hee. 🙂


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