Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. They created the meme because they love lists. Who doesn’t love lists? They wanted to share these list with fellow booklovers and ask that we share in return to connect with our fellow book lovers. To learn more about participating in the challenge, stop by their page dedicated to it and dive in!

This week’s topic: Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With

With a little clarification quoted from the site:

Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With (meaning, the book or series is over and you so just wish you could peek in on the “life” you imagine they are leading years down the line after the story ends). Does this prompt make sense?? It makes sense in my head! Let me know and I can clarify haha

Tiara’s Picks

I did something a little different with my picks. All my picks feature couples, would-be couples, friends, families, and people whose lives have shaped by one person even if they don’t know one another (but I feel they will soon). I have an interest in learning to what happened to them as a duo or how their lives may eventually converge.


latheGeorge and Heather from the Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin. What I loved about the love story in this book is that it didn’t overshadow the story taking place. Heather serves as more than just the love interest in George’s story, and their romance is unconventional and cautious. In fact, romance may be a strong word to even call what happens between those two. The way this book ended made me hopeful for the Heather and George romance, and it made me wonder, “Where are they now?”

943402Oskar and Eli from Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. This is another very unconventional friendship/almost-romance between a young vampire named Eli and a young boy named, Oskar. This is a very dark and uncomfortable story. When I first read it I hailed it as one of the best vampire stories I’d read in years because it didn’t even try to be pretty. Oskar and Eli’s love/friendship is based on a very symbiotic premise, but it’s also dangerous for both parties, and my mind run wilds thinking about the trouble they’re likely getting into, but how they do really care for one another in their twisted way.

Acrobatic DualityKim and Alana from Tamara Vardomskaya’s Acrobatic Duality, which is about a pair of acrobatic partner who are perfectly matched in gymnastics, but they have a secret. Their bodies belonged to to two other people, but they can actually remember being one conscious person at some point. Their thoughts are shared. They always know what the other is thinking or going to do. No one will be honest with them about, but by the end of the story Kim and Alana have decided they will not continue the charade. I find myself wondering if they were able to finally become individuals, if they found out more about the girl they used to be, if they find out about the girls whose bodies they possess. This was a Tor short story that can be read for free on the site or via Kindle.

StationElevenKirsten Raymonde and Jeevan Chaudhary from Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. These two don’t know each other personally, but the night Arthur Leander died, Jeevan was the man who consoled Kirsten who was just a child at the time. In the post-flu ravaged world, their footsteps seem to be bringing them closer and closer after twenty years. Part of me knows they may never actually meet again, but they’re so close to that point that it could happen, and despite Kirsten being young when the flu first happened she holds many memories about that particular moment.

OMLLogan and Baby Banner from Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan. This takes place in an alternate Marvel timeline fifty years in the future. The supervillains formed a coup putting aside their differences and masterfully executing a plan that leaves many of the world’s superheroes dead.  The ones who do manage to survive go into hiding to survive. There’s one exception to this story—Logan. He doesn’t live in hiding, and he’s taken a vow to never unsheathe his claws again, which we know doesn’t happen. The Hulk was one deciding factor in the war, and he sided with the villains. After a series of events that leads to Logan having to face down the Banners including Hulk, She-Hulk, and their offspring. Logan leaves one alive–the baby. Who he straps to his back and decides they’re about to make a better future. Very bittersweet. (Note: Just read they’re expected to publish another book for this which had been rumored on and off for years in 2016. I’m excited, but scared that it’s going to ruin what I loved about this comic.)

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  1. Huh…seems like my comment didn’t get posted after logging in. Has this been happening the whole time and I never noticed until now??? Eep!

    As I said…nice picks! These are totally new to me reads.

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂


    • I think our website has been inadvertently marking your posts as spam for some reason. I’ve seen it happen before with your post, and I’m not sure why it keeps doing that to your posts in particular. I approved them, so hopefully it won’t keep happening.

      THANK YOU, though! I’ll be sure to check out your 10! 🙂


  2. I read Acrobatic Duality and wished it was longer! Because it was such an interesting concept and just getting started! I guess that’s a good short story for you.


    • That was my biggest problem, too. When the story started REALLY going, it ended. The whole concept of it was great. I love and hate short stories that can get me so invested in them.


  3. Logan and the baby strapped to his back. That was the best. I think remembering thinking he was going to kill the kid and instead it’s like: “Come on, kid. We’re going superheroing.”


    • I know. I love that comic. Yes, it’s a bit schlocky in places, but overall, it was a Wolverine based story that I really loved.


    • Thank you! It’s been a REALLY long time since a horror novel or movie truly disturbed me, but Let the Right One In is definitely one of them. It was so truly awful, but one of the most brilliant horror stories I’ve read in a long time when I read it.


    • You don’t know how much I was screaming for Kirsten and her group to travel toward city in the end. I was almost crying I wanted it so bad. LOL.


  4. I’m definitely with you on George and Heather from Lathe of Heaven. I hope those opposite personalities made it work. I like think they complimented one another.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just loved how it was a love story, but it wasn’t a love story. Their attraction didn’t take away from the story, but they obviously had something there. I hope it worked out for them. *sigh* Me and my fictional character love.

      Liked by 1 person

    • They were two of the first people who came to mind when I started doing this TTT. I just can’t help wondering.


  5. I’ve heard wonderful things about Station Eleven, I really need to read that one soon^^ And WOW, I’d never heard about Old Man Logan but I’m going to have to pick that one up. If the bf hears about a new Wolverine story, he’ll freak haha Hopefully the sequel doesn’t ruin this one but makes it even better 😀 Awesome list and thanks for stopping by yesterday! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Station Eleven was a really beautiful book. A friend wrote such a lovely review for it that I had to try it out, and I loved it.

      Old Man Logan was an excellent book. I can be one of those people who get tired of Wolverine always being put on the pedestal, but I truly loved this story even if it was only an AU timeline. It was touching.


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