Tough Traveling: Law Enforcement


The Thursday feature “Tough Traveling” is the brainchild of Nathan of Review Barn, who has come up with the excellent idea of making a new list each week based on the most common tropes in fantasy, as seen in The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynn Jones. Nathan has invited anyone who is interested to come play along, so be sure to check out the first link for more information.

This week’s tour topic is: Law Enforcement

Seems odd to think that in fantasy cities in which entire economies revolve around crime there is room for the men in blue (or crimson, or whatever). But the law does the best it can, even when faced with magic, mystical creatures, or rogue deities.

Wendy’s Picks

three parts deadThree Parts Dead by Max Gladstone

Shove over Judge Dredd, when Justice calls her Judges to order, they are unstoppable, bound wholly and unquestioningly to the will of a goddess who sees only black and white.

dragon age asunderAsunder by David Gaider

Mages are a danger to themselves and to the people, which is why the Chantry has placed them in the care of the Templars, though many of those abuse their power out of fear and hatred. Above the Templars stand the Seekers of Truth. But who seeks the Seekers?

Museum of ThievesMuseum of Thieves by Lian Tanner

To Goldie Roth and the other children of Jewel, the Blessed Guardians are anything but blessed, and Guardians Comfort and Hope offer anything but.

mistbornMistborn by Brandon Sanderson

The Lord Ruler’s order is kept by the Steel Ministry, a priesthood that is less about the spiritual matters than it is about the policing. At the forefront of their enforcement are the fearsome Steel Inquisitors.

21 Comments on “Tough Traveling: Law Enforcement”

  1. Ah, Museum of Thieves! A delightful book (even for someone who does not enjoy YA too much like me), made more delightful by the awesome reading (it was an audiobook) from Claudia Black. And yes, those two Guardians were indeed as far from offering comfort and hope as anyone can! 🙂


  2. I can’t believe I didn’t think of Mistborn!!
    I like your inclusion of Gladstone – I’ve just bought a copy of that and seeing all these mentions is very encouraging!!
    Lynn 😀


    • Loved it! It was so off the beaten path. I didn’t enjoy the second as much, which may be partially due to the audiobook narrator, but I still love the world and his writing enough to have picked up the third book.


  3. I hadn’t heard of the Max Gladstone series until it has shown up a few times peoples lists this week – it sounds pretty fascinating! Museum of thieves also looks fun.


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