Mogsy’s Fall Reading List + WWEnd Reading Challenge Update

As ever, I’m going to keep doing seasonal reading lists because they’ve become something of a tradition, but I’ll be tackling them somewhat differently this time around. I still have a lot of personal reading/purchased books to get to and a bunch more to read towards my Worlds Without End Reading Challenge goals, but until I get caught up a bit on review books, making these ambitious reading lists that are 10+ to dozens of titles long is going to be futile (I only managed to polish off a paltry 7 out of 19 books on my Summer Reading List)!

I’m going to take a page from Wendy this time around and keep Fall’s list short, sweet and manageable. I sense a theme coming on here. I call this my “Countdown to…” list:

A New Dawn  War Crimes  The Masked Empire  Last Flight

Care to guess why? If you answered they’re all books related to major TV or video games releases this fall, you’d be correct. It’s my way of tiding myself over while counting down the days to some great things in the next couple of months. A New Dawn is the prequel for the television series Star Wars Rebels that I’m really looking forward to check out. I also need to catch up with the latest World of Warcraft novel before the next expansion Warlords of Draenor comes out. Same goes for the Dragon Age novels, before DA: Inquisition hits shelves this fall.

So, I should have plenty of time to fit those in before the end of December rolls around. If you’re curious about what my reading list looks like for the more immediate future though, behold my October Priority TBR:

October tbrDaring  Willful Child  Ancillary Sword  Broken Monsters

I expect to be getting to most of these this month (I’m not so delusional as to believe I’ll get to ALL of them…but I can try!) so keep an eye out for the reviews.

Now for the WWEnd Reading Challenge updates. At the beginning of the year, my co-bloggers and I decided to participate in their Roll-Your-Own Challenge and I chose to do three:  the Women of Genre Fiction Challenge, the Young Adult Reading Challenge, and the Read the Sequel challenge.

The titles I’ve chosen towards these goals have changed somewhat, due to various factors like new releases, availability of the books at the library, and of course, WWEnd updating their database so that a lot more options are open to me now, and I was able to redo my lists using a lot of the books I’ve reviewed earlier this year.

WWEnd Women of Genre FictionWWEnd YAWWEnd Read the SequelTechnically, I’m pretty sure I’ve completed all the challenges already. In spite of the expansion to their database, it’s still not comprehensive and there are a bunch of titles I would have liked to put on that aren’t up there. But the way I see it, 2014’s still far from over, and that just keeps giving me something to work towards.

10 Comments on “Mogsy’s Fall Reading List + WWEnd Reading Challenge Update”

  1. Smart, keeping your fall list short. I always start the month off that way, but things seem to always get out of hand as the weeks progress. I like the cover of Dragon Age, and I hope you enjoy Daring—my review posts on Friday.


  2. Oooh I’m excited to see what you think of Poison Fruit. I’ve heard mixed things about the Agent of Hel series but I’m pretty intrigued by it! Looks like there will be lots of exciting reviews to look forward to in the next couple months.


    • I liked the second book better than the first, so I’m hoping the trend continues and I’ll love Poison Fruit…it’s the last book, after all – at least that’s what I’ve heard!


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