Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul

book haul 4

The Bloodbound – Courtesy of Ace/Penguin, I’m really excited about this fantasy romance that I’ll be reading in a few weeks. So keep an eye out for the review and giveaway of this book at the beginning of fall!

Lock In – I was really happy to receive an ARC of this book from Tor, as I’m a big fan of Scalzi. I always look forward to reading his stuff.

Full Fathom Five – It was a pleasant surprise when this book arrived, but I haven’t read the second book yet. Now more than ever I should get cracking on Two Serpents Rise! My thanks to Tor.

Return of the Discontinued Man – My thanks to Pyr for sending over a finished copy. I’d never read or heard of this series before, but it looks like a really interesting steampunk alternate history time travel sci-fi novel.

Kaiju Rising – At last my goodies from the Kaiju Rising Kickstarter has arrived! Along with bookmarks and a wicked mini poster came this physical copy of the anthology. I had received the ebook reward months before, but nothing beats holding the actual book in your hands, and this gorgeous tome is a monster (no pun intended).

Archetype and Prototype Big thanks to my  book blog buddy Tabitha from NotYetRead for these beauties! Archetype is on my reading list for this summer and now I have these awesome copies!

Sinner – One final goodie in my care package from Tabitha is this standalone companion to Maggie Stiefvater’s The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. Eee, so excited to read this one! I enjoyed those books, and Sinner is about a couple of supporting characters from the original series that I thought deserved way more attention. I can’t wait to dive into this.

19 Comments on “Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul”

  1. OOh nice! These are practically all new to me, except for Sinner! Which was awesome! I loved it! And I couldn’t really remember the Shiver series well since I read it years ago and wayyyyyy too many books ago, but that didn’t seem to really matter in the enjoyment of reading it! Hope you love it too! And that you enjoy your other new books too!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂


  2. Isn’t that Hoddar one part of an ongoing series?

    Anyway, I just bought Two Serpents Rise so I guess it will be a race between us to catch up huh?


    • I think that Hodder book is like the fifth book…or something, I just know it’s not the first one. And you will probably beat me to Two Serpents Rise, no doubt about it 🙂


  3. That’s a great pile o’ books! I am almost finished with Lock In and really enjoying it. Dying to read Sinner, I’ll look forward to your review.


  4. Excellent haul! I’m VERY excited about The Bloodbound too. I’m hoping I’ll be able to fit it in sometime this week or next. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the Waters’ books and Sinner as well.


    • I just found out this weekend The Bloodbound is by the author of a mystery book I loved, Darkwalker except she wrote it under the name E.L. Tettensor. Now I’m soooo excited to tackle it.


    • Yeah, I’m really looking forward to read The Bloodbound too, very soon! And I’ll definitely try to start Kaiju Rising, the great thing about anthologies is I can sneak in a story now and then.


    • I don’t think I’ve read a memory loss book in a while…well, I guess Unwept counts, right? Would that be one of the books you were talking about? 😛


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