Waiting on Wedneday 08/06/14

“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that lets us feature upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

Mogsy’s Pick:

The Prophecy Con by Patrick Weekes: September 23, 2014 (47North)

Patrick Weekes might be better known to gamers as a BioWare writer, having worked on games like Mass Effect and the latest novel of the Dragon Age franchise. But I also loved his book The Palace Job so I was practically beside myself when I saw this. The theme, the cover style and other little factors made it seem The Prophecy Con would be a follow-up or another novel set in the same world. Either way, I WANTED IT. And now it’s been confirmed that it will indeed be the second book to the series (called Rogues of the Republic) and I’m so excited that it will feature at least some of our old friends from book one! Oh man, I hope the talking unicorn comes back too.

“Who would hThe Prophecy Conave thought a book of naughty poems by elves could mean the difference between war and peace? But if stealing the precious volume will keep the Republic and the Empire from tearing out each other’s throats, rogue soldier Isafesira de Lochenville—“Loch” to friends and foes alike—is willing to do the dishonest honors. With her motley crew of magic-makers, law-breakers, and a talking warhammer, she’ll match wits and weapons with dutiful dwarves, mercenary knights, golems, daemons, an arrogant elf, and a sorcerous princess.

But getting their hands on the prize—while keeping their heads attached to their necks—means Loch and company must battle their way from a booby-trapped museum to a monster-infested library, and from a temple full of furious monks to a speeding train besieged by assassins. And for what? Are a few pages of bawdy verse worth waging war over? Or does something far more sinister lurk between the lines?”

22 Comments on “Waiting on Wedneday 08/06/14”

  1. This actually sounds like it’s going to be funny! I’m not familiar with Weekes, not being a gamer, but I may just read this:-) Thanks for sharing!


  2. How could you not love a book by an author who also worked on Mass Effect? Your gamer status is well known 😉 I’m not a video game lover…but the talking unicorn does intrigue me. AND it has a cool cover!


  3. OMG this sounds like so much fun! I had not heard of this book or series previously, but I have to check it out now! I love fantasy, and adding what seems like a healthy dash of humor makes it sound even better. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to go looking for book 1!
    My WoW.


    • The first book, the only way I can describe it is that it’s exactly like Oceans 11 meets fantasy! If you like the mix of humor and fantasy, then I think you’d really like it!


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