Wendy’s (Snowy) Spring Reading List

I’m just finishing up the last of my Winter Reading List with The Last Wish. I’d feel guilty about the fact that I’m a few days late with that, but since this is what it looks like outside my window…. While it might not feel like spring in spirit, my daughters are certain that it is and are already making plans. I shall use their positivity to fuel my own spring plans.

First and foremost on my list is The Barrow, for which I claim bragging rights as this copy was personally signed and sent by my friend, Mark Smylie. It dawned on me, as I walked back from the mailbox through the knee deep snow (yes, I’m bitter. Sue me.) that it had been over a decade since we first met at a Detroit comic convention and he introduced me to Artesia. We eventually lost touch, until I stumbled across The Barrow on Goodreads during its early stages. I’m very much looking forward to reading this for so many reasons.

After that, I am still busily working on my promise to work though books I already own and have been meaning to read, and not buying any more books in the mean time (failed on the latter … see upcoming book haul post). I’ve been using my many Worlds Without End reading challenges to keep me focused on this goal and am pleased to report that I’m doing reasonably well.

The Kingdom of Gods by N.K. Jemisin

I’m putting this on here, but I reserve the right to run away from it and cry in a corner. It may be that I can only handle one book in this series per year, and I’m only just getting over The Broken Kingdoms, which was the first book on my Winter Reading List. But now that I’ve learned that Jemisin’s The Fifth Season has been postponed to 2015, perhaps I should consider it a sign that I need to be finished with the Inheritance Trilogy first and then let my emotions settle before diving into a new story.

The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson

There are several authors whose names I have heard, and know them to be major players within speculative fiction, but I am completely unfamiliar with their work. Nalo Hopkinson is one of them, and as part of both the Speculative Fiction by Author’s of Colour Challenge and the the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award Challenge, I’ve selected this book as my introduction to Ms. Hopkinson’s work and made a special trip to the local library to grab it.

Other books on the we’ll-just-have-to-pretend-it’s Spring Reading List continue the theme of catching up. In some cases, even going back to some genre classics… :

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