Mogsy’s Book Haul

Spending most of the last two weeks traveling means fewer books for me to feature today; it’s pretty much all review books this time and not a lot of purchases (my wallet is weeping with joy and relief) and I was also fortunate to be able to take a few of these on vacation with me to enjoy on the road.

The physical pile:

Mage’s Blood this is one I’m really looking forward to! I’ve heard such great things and I really wanted to read it, but it just never was too high on my priority list given its tome-like size. I was fortunate enough to win a copy of it from a giveaway hosted by Riffle though, and so now I can enjoy this one at my leisure, probably next month when I catch up on my personal reading.

The Forbidden Library – I know I’ve gushed so much on this blog about how much I loved Django Wexler’s The Thousand Names, and so I totally freaked when he offered to send me an ARC of The Forbidden Library, his middle-grade novel to be published next spring. And hear me now, this book is GREAT! I’ve read it but won’t have a review up until closer to release date, but both kids and adults are gonna love this one, I promise.

Drakenfeld – received from Tor UK, this was one I got to take with me on vacation so I read it, loved it, reviewed it. It doesn’t have a US release date yet as far as I know, and I hope that changes soon, because this incredible mystery-fantasy book needs to get into the hands of as many people as possible.

Masks – looks interesting from its description, and looks like it could be really good. This was actually waiting on my front porch for me when I got home from my trip, and I don’t know how long it’d been sitting there, but good thing nothing happened to it because I’m so paranoid about my precious books!

The Osiris Curse – I haven’t read too many YA books from Pyr so I was really curious as to what I’d think of this. It was another one I was able to bring on the road with me, and now that I’ve read it I can say it’s definitely fun and a little different…but in a good way! Keep an eye out for the review next week.

Digital pile (see, I didn’t go nuts at all!):

Talus and the Frozen King – I’ve been doing great keeping up with my NetGalley eARCs lately, so I didn’t hesitate to request this cool upcoming title from Solaris.

Between Two Thorns – Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry/Exhibit A did something new on NetGalley recently, featuring some of their past picks for a special rewind month. This book was one I’d always been curious about.

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter – another rewind pick from Angry Robot. I must have missed this one completely the first time around because I knew very little about it, but the more I found out the more I wanted to read it.

The Mage’s Daughter our book club’s October read, from our very own Amelia Sides!

Year Zero – I just can’t seem to let a week go by without picking up a good ebook deal. I’ve heard this one is a pretty fun read, and for a buck I figured why not give it a try?

Fade to Black – yet another deal I couldn’t resist. It’s this month’s Orbital Drop and I swear Orbit Books gets me with that like every…single…time…

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