Mogsy’s Fall Reading List

Well, it’s been officially autumn for a few days now, and I’ve been stockpiling books to read for the next three months the way a squirrel would be hoarding nuts for the season.

Back in June I made a summer reading list for myself to keep track of my books, and I thought that was a decent success. No, really! It actually helped me stay on course and focus my reading, and I hit 25 of the 35 books I’d planned on tackling. Some titles I just didn’t manage to get to because my budget was totally blown, and of course there was also much adding to the list as I “leapfrogged” a whole lot of other books into the pile as well. But overall, I’d say a 70%+ completion rate of the original pile of books is awesome (and in case you can’t tell already with all these lists and number crunching, I’m a goal-oriented person with borderline obsessive-compulsive issues)!

This fall, there will be books I need to review which aren’t going to be included below, but I also want to take the coming few months to enjoy some personal reading. I have a lot of great books that I don’t want to wait for anymore! November is also going to be a light month for this blog due to my co-bloggers and I participating in NaNoWriMo, so I was not so ambitious with my list this time.

This is what my TBR looks like with the awesome ebooks, physical books, and audiobooks I’ve been saving up for the chilly months, with a good mix of authors, genres, both adult and YA, all of which I have on hand or available to borrow at the library. Who knows, maybe some of these would be of interest to you too. Like I said, I didn’t go overboard (um, that much) this time, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading all or most of these this season!

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