Character Appreciation Post: Phèdre no Delaunay de Montrève

As painted by Lee Moyer for the 2013 Literary Pin-up Calendar

Who is Phèdre no Delaunay de Montrève? Born flawed by a scarlet mote in her left eye and given an ill-luck name, Phèdre was sold into indenture at Cereus House when her parents, traveling merchants, ran out of funds. Her flaw and her rebellious nature made others certain that she would amount to very little, until Anafiel Delaunay recognized her as an anguissette, one who derives pleasure from pain. It is said that the gods use their chosen hard – an understatement for Phèdre, chosen by Kushiel, the punisher.   Beginning in the book Kushiel’s Dart, Phèdre’s adventures would take her across the world, through wars, conspiracies, violence and love to become the most desired courtesan in all of Terre d’Ange and beyond. But who is she? As a child, Phèdre could never accept her apparent fate. She constantly ran away from Cereus House, intent on seeing what was beyond the walls of the Night Court and reveling in the danger. When the Dowayne of Cereus House discovered Phèdre cutting herself and taking pleasure in the pain, the Dowayne obeyed her instincts and summoned Anafiel Delaunay. As a member of Delaunay’s house, Phèdre truly came into her own. Delaunay allowed her every opportunity to learn and her inquisitive and brilliant mind gobbled it all up. As long as she did not defy him or common courtesy and protocol, Delaunay encouraged her willingness to speak her mind. She came to understand the power of knowledge, as this was all part of Delaunay’s plans. Where best to learn the secrets of men and women but in the bedroom and, as an anguissette who chose to study Naamah’s arts, Phèdre was highly desired. Circumstances painfully removed Delaunay from her life and whisked her away to the northern wilds. Despite being raised in a lifestyle of indulgence in the Night Court, Phèdre is an incredibly adaptable woman and her will to survive ensured that she not only endured her exile in Skaldia, but ensured that her then protector, Joscelin Verreuil, survived too. For those she loves or considers to be under her protection, there is no end that Phèdre will not go for her friends. Whether she is forced by fate or it is of her own choosing, she is an unstoppable force when it comes to those she cares for. Being chosen by Kushiel could be considered a curse by many, but Phèdre embraces it and its responsibilities, no matter how cruelly fate leads her. If Phèdre makes a promise, it will be kept. I consider Phèdre to be warrior woman – not one that wears armour or bears a weapon. Phèdre’s armour and weapons are her mind and body. She earns loyalty and respect through her compassion and willingly submits when she deems it necessary. Through all things, Phèdre endures.

“That which yields is not always weak.”

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