May is Wyrd & Wonder: A Fantastical Month Of Fantasy

May is here, so you know what that means! It’s time for Wyrd & Wonder, and to celebrate its fifth year running we also have five hosts: big thanks to ImyrilLisaJorieAriana and Annemieke for bringing this event to us in 2022!

So, what is Wyrd & Wonder? As the post title says, it’s a month-long event emphasizing all things fantasy. Naturally, as a fan of SFF, it’s right up my alley. This is the BiblioSanctum’s third year participating, though rest assured we won’t stop covering other genres and the usual book reviews, weekly memes, spotlights and features will stick around as always. However, you’ll definitely be noticing an emphasis on fantasy-themed posts which will be marked with Wyrd & Wonder tags or the banner you see above.

As for what I’ll be covering, I’ll be honest, I’m much less organized this year so I’ll probably be winging it (that is, even more so than usual!) Luckily, Wyrd & Wonder is super casual and easy to join up if you feel like jumping on board. Just fill out the form here here! I just love how stress-free and low-commitment it is, and there’s not even an obligation to stick to books. Everything from movies to TV shows, to comics and video games are fair game as long as it’s fantasy-related. There are also prompts provided at the main W&W page and even though they are entirely optional, I’ll most likely be using some of them for ideas this month!

So yep, here’s to winging it! But of course, no introductory post would be complete without putting together a reading list, which is my favorite part of any event. As always, my TBR can change on a whim depending on my mood, but the following is what I hope to read this month for Wyrd & Wonder, a mix of new books and some catch-up.

If I can I would also like to get a jump on some June releases, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves 😉

So, are you planning to participate in Wyrd & Wonder this year? If so, what’s on your reading list? Make sure to grab the banner if you haven’t done so yet, and let’s dive right in!

17 Comments on “May is Wyrd & Wonder: A Fantastical Month Of Fantasy”

  1. Opening book lists are probably my favorite parts too, until I look back at the end of the month and discover how misplaced my expectations were 😂

    Good luck!!


  2. Fevered Star is on my list for the month if I get that far and after I finish Black Sun, which I’m absolutely loving so far.


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