Mogsy’s Bookshelf Roundup: Stacking the Shelves & Recent Reads

Bookshelf Roundup is a feature I do every other weekend which fills the role of several blog memes, like Stacking the Shelves where I talk about the new books I’ve added to my library or received for review, as well as It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? where I round up what I’ve read since the last update and what I’m planning to read soon. Mostly it also serves as a recap post, so sometimes I’ll throw in stuff like reading challenge progress reports, book lists, and other random bookish thoughts or announcements.

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Received for Review

My thanks to the publishers and authors for the following review copies received, and be sure to click the links to their Goodreads pages for more details and full descriptions!

First, my thanks to Orbit for sending a finished copy of Dark Forge by Miles Cameron. This is the second book of the Masters & Mages series and since I enjoyed Cold Iron I will definitely be continuing with this one. I also received a surprise ARC of The Wolf of Oren-Yaro by K.S. Villoso which sounds pretty awesome from the publisher description, so I’m quite curious to check it out.

Also thank you to Harper Voyager for sending me a finished hardcover of Boundless by R.A. Salvatore. It’s a part of the author’s Legend of Drizzt saga which I know next to nothing about! But I think this is the second book of a new trilogy set in this world, so there may be a chance to jump in after all.

With thanks also to Tor Books for Gamechanger by L.X. Beckett, a sci-fi described as Neuromancer meets Star Trek, and I’ve heard so many great things about this one already, I may have to give it a read later this fall.

And courtesy of, I received the following goodies: a finished copy of Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht which I’m hoping to get on my reading list for September or October, and also this awesome ARC of Docile by K.M. Szpara, a book which wasn’t on my radar before, but it sure is now after reading what it’s about!


Life has been crazy with my new fall schedule so I’ve been relying more on digital formats to get me through, hence the explosion in my digital haul. From Edelweiss I downloaded three eARCs that were available immediately, first Bloodchild by Anna Stephens, the third book of the Godblind sequence. The first book was kind of iffy, but the second book got me hooked, so I’m pretty excited to finish this trilogy with thanks to Talos. My thanks also to Blackstone Publishing, I got to grab Master of Sorrows by Justin Call and The Seventh Sun by Lani Forbes, both of which are fantasy titles that have caught my eye lately. And from NetGalley I also saw The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White pop up last week, and thanks to auto approvals from the kind folks at Random House Children’s/Delacorte Press, I could not help myself.

In the audiobook pile, with thanks to Harper Audio I received Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdes, and I have a good feeling this book will work well in audio. From Penguin Random House Audio, I was thrilled to receive a couple YA titles: The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh, her new book about vampires, as well as The Steel Crow Saga by Paul Krueger, a fantasy about wizards who fight alongside magical animal companions. And last but not least, I finally caved on The Anomaly Files. I’ve had my eye on The Possession by Michael Rutger for a while, but then I found out it was the second book in the series so of course I had to grab the first book The Anomaly as well (which I already listened to and enjoyed).


A quick summary of my reviews posted since the last update:

A Little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie (4.5 of 5 stars)
The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow (4 of 5 stars)
Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine (4 of 5 stars)
Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn (4 of 5 stars)
Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff (3.5 of 5 stars)
Stormrise by Jillian Boehme (3.5 of 5 stars)
Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir (3.5 of 5 stars)
The Girl the Sea Gave Back by Adrienne Young (2.5 of 5 stars)

Roundup Highlights:

What I’ve Read Since the Last Update

Work has been kicking my ass lately, and if it weren’t for audiobooks I probably would have gotten zero books finished. But here’s what I did manage to “unstack” from the TBR mountain since the last update, and I’ll have more reviews up soon.

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Have you heard of or read any of the books featured this week? What caught your eye? Any new discoveries? I hope you found something interesting for a future read! Let me know what you plan on checking out. Until next time, see you next Roundup!:)

34 Comments on “Mogsy’s Bookshelf Roundup: Stacking the Shelves & Recent Reads”

  1. Yes… thank goodness for audiobooks! I started listening in February and have LOVED it:)). I noticed Dark Forge and realised we have the first book, which I haven’t yet read – so I need to tuck into that… I hope work soon eases up so you can relax more with reading as well as listening, Mogsy!


    • Audiobooks are so convenient! They’ve changed the way consume books for sure. I listen more than I read these days, it’s just impossible to find time to sit down for a few hours and enjoy a book. At least with audio, I can be on the go and still have a book going on either from my car or in my ear 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AHHH!!! The Beautiful! I’ve been dying to read that one for months!! The wait is sloooooooowly trickling down though! Hoping I can time it right to finish whatever I’m reading that day so when I come home I can start it! Lol.

    Nice new reads too! Some new to me ones and some familiar ones I’m keeping an eye on! I hope you enjoy them all!!

    My StS will be up tomorrow, so stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂


  3. I got a copy of The Wolf of Oren-Yaro as well, and it wasn’t on my radar but it sure is now! I hope to read The Beautiful as well, although the reviews I’ve seen haven’t been that great…


  4. I’d very much like to read The Monster of Elendhaven. Looks promising. And for some time now I’ve been curious to read a novel by R.A. Salvatore. I’ve listened to an audio version of one of his anthologies, some stories I really enjoyed, some didn’t work for me, but that’s often the nature of anthologies.


    • Bloodchild is the third book of a very grimdark, very gory and brutal trilogy – the first book actually turned me off because it went so overboard with it, but the second one was much better and less gratuitous. If you do decide to check it out, just keep that in mind 😀


  5. These look like a stack of books would be interested in Reading well mostly David because I am way too busy to read right now and we’ll consider audio books for the future but looking for a bunch of great stuff to read as soon as I’m retired which should be soon. David’s looking into some of these for himself he loves everything David eddings so this would be a great match for him it looks.


  6. I’m really looking forward to the Beautiful – ridiculously so in fact – I don’t feel like I’ve reading any books with vampires for a while so I hope it works out well.
    Lynn 😀


  7. I still need to read Darkdawn, The Girl The Sea Gave Back, and Steel Crow Saga! Sooooo many books! Haha I’m glad you were still able to knock books off of your TBR with the help of Audiobooks! I hope your work settles down.


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