Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, a weekly meme that now resides at That Artsy Reader Girl. The meme first came about because of a love of lists. Who doesn’t love lists? The original creators also wanted their lists to be shared with fellow book lovers and to ask that we in turn share ours with them and connect with other book bloggers. To learn more about participating, stop by their page dedicated to it and dive in!

This week’s topic: Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

This week’s topic is all about my auto-buy authors. Not surprisingly, some of my favorite authors are on here, but this list isn’t static. Some names have dropped off while others have been added over the years as my tastes have changed or I discover new books.

Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson’s been on my must-buy list for years, and I don’t just stop at reading his books, I collect them too – special editions, signed editions, anything I can get my hands on. The man is a writing machine too, so it feels like there’s always something on the horizon to look forward to.

Jacqueline Carey

I read Kushiel’s Dart for the first time when I was in college, and from then on I was hooked! I’ve read every novel Carey has written since, including her urban fantasy.

Juliet Marillier

Marillier is an author who’s a somewhat new discovery for me, so I’m still gradually working through her back list. But every time I find out about a new book of hers, it goes immediately on the list.

Jim Butcher

Butcher’s been pretty quiet lately while The Dresden Files series is still stalled and we’re waiting on news about his next Cinder Spires book. The fact that he’s remained on my auto-buy list despite that tells you just how much I love his work, and my interest hasn’t cooled even a little bit.

Ben Aaronovitch

I know I really shouldn’t count series, but whatever. I just love Rivers of London, okay?

Sarah Pinborough

Sarah Pinborough has always been awesome in my books, but I feel like she’s really hit her stride with her last few novels delivering punchy, enthralling reads each time. That kind of reliability is always key to an author earning a spot on my must-buy list.

RJ Barker

Speaking of which, RJ Barker is another relative newcomer to this list, but when you pull off a phenomenal series like The Wounded Kingdom trilogy, you’re damn right I’m going to sit up and pay attention to everything you write from now on.

Mark Lawrence

I have followed and enjoyed Mark Lawrence’s work since the beginning, I have read all his novels, and I’m not about to stop now.

Sebastien de Castell

I was already a big fan of Sebastien de Castell after the Greatcoats series. After checking out his Spellslinger series, that just sealed the deal.

Kelley Armstrong

Granted, I’m still relatively new to Kelley Armstrong’s work (she’s written a lot books and I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface) but I’m 100% sold on her thrillers and at this point I’m also completely open to trying everything else she writes!

37 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors”

  1. I’ver never read Sanderson! Which is so weird because it seems like he’d be perfect for me with what he writes. And I’ve just discovered Mark Lawrence but I loved the first book of his that I read.

    I’m a fan of Kelley Armstrong too. 🙂


  2. Brandon Sanderson is also on my list!
    And I really need to read books from Mark Lawrence and Sebastien de Castell (just ordered spellslinger, so hopefully soon)!



  3. Wonderful list and I knew I start visiting blogs and see authors I forgot – how could I not put Kelley Armstrong on the list? I’ve read her entire Women of the Underworld and Cainsville series’. Jim Butcher looks like a Thornston Kaye, a soap actor. It’s uncanny!


  4. You actually have a lot of authors on your list that I either haven’t read, or I’ve only read one book of theirs. I guess I have some catching up to do🤣


  5. Love the list, a couple authors on here I keep meaning to check out! We’ll be getting more Dresden soon(ish) he just finished the manuscript for Peace Talks!

    I’ve got the full Wounded Kingdom trilogy, now it just needs to work its way to the top of my TBR!


  6. Following your blog for some time now I am not surprised! Brandon Sanderson recently became a favorite of mine too!


  7. I don’t know how but I forgot about Carey and Marillier. They’ve also become auto-buys for me. I keep thinking I don’t have a lot of authors I will auto-buy and now I keep thinking of more…I think my list would actually be pretty long lol!


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