Friday Face-Off: Favorite Fantasy Cover

Welcome to The Friday Face-Off, a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy! Each Friday, we will pit cover against cover while also taking the opportunity to showcase gorgeous artwork and feature some of our favorite book covers. If you want to join the fun, simply choose a book each Friday that fits that week’s predetermined theme, post and compare two or more different covers available for that book, then name your favorite. A list of future weeks’ themes are available at Lynn’s Book Blog.

This week’s theme is:

a cover featuring A FAVORITE FANTASY COVER

Mogsy’s Pick:

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

I’m glad for the easy topic this week, because it means a chance for me to feature a great book as well as many of its beautiful covers I’ve always admired!

While The Lies of Locke Lamora has many editions, today’s theme wants us to focus on our favorites, hence I’ve chosen to put forth only the best ones for the face-off:

From left to right:
Spectra (2006) – Bantam Spectra (2007) – Subterranean Press (2007) 


Gollancz (2006) – Gollancz PB (2007) – Gollancz 10th Year Anniversary Ed (2016)


Finnish Edition (2007) – Swedish Edition (2007) – Polish Edition (2007)

French Edition A (2013) – French Edition B (2013) – Italian Edition (2007)

Thai Edition (2017) – Romanian Edition (2011) – Bulgarian Edition (2008)


Well, this book was certainly blessed by the cover gods. Even after the culling, we have more than a dozen strong contenders. It was extremely difficult to choose this week, but at the end of the day I’m going to have to go with the Gollancz paperback, as this has always been the one closest to my impressions of what the world of Gentleman Bastard and Camorr should look and feel like.

But what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

36 Comments on “Friday Face-Off: Favorite Fantasy Cover”

  1. I very nearly did these covers too – and only because I love that green cover that you’ve chosen. I just love that cover. Out of the others that I’ve not seen before the French is fun and I also quite like the Thai cover but the green one gets me every time.
    Lynn 😀


  2. Great choice! There are so many good covers, so I have to choose two favorites, the Sub Press and the Swedish editions. I guess I love all the color and detail😊


  3. I think mine is a tie between the one you chose and Spectra’s 2006 edition. They both are just gorgeous and you’re right, give off that proper feel of where I’d believe they’d actually be.


  4. The two Gollancz editions (2006 and 2007) are my favorites because the design offers a clear suggestion of Venice, the city Camorr takes its inspiration from, the intriguing background to Locke’s adventures . 🙂


  5. I love a good fantasy city, specially a gritty one. The Subterranean Press cover is one that I like a lot- and I kinda like the Italian edition too. Maybe even the French one?

    Cool covers all around though 🙂


    • Yeah I love gritty fantasies, and that’s why I chose the one I did – I think it fits Camorr the most. Though I really like the ones you mentioned too, even though they are too colorful for the setting! Aesthetically they are gorgeous!


  6. So many contenders! But I agree, your pick is definitely the most befitting of the actual content. I also rather like the Finnish edition; besides the overly large font that distracts from the image, I like the sparkling city lights in the background. 😉


  7. i hadn’t realized there were so many different (and fantastic!!) international covers of this book! and now i want prints of them as posters on my wall . . .


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