#RRSciFiMonth: Graphic Novel Review Bites

Bitch Planet Volume 2: President Bitch

Volume one of this series introduced us to a future where the dystopian concept of a patriarchal society goes to very scary places. While The Handmaid’s Tale takes a softer approach to putting women in their place, Bitch Planet takes more extreme measures with its non-compliant women. They are sent to, well, the Bitch Planet, a penal planet for women. This collection of issues steps back in time to tell us about Maiko’s life before her untimely death and how she came to be imprisoned for murder. Meanwhile, the inmates are still reeling from the events that led to her death, and Maiko’s dad, the designer of the facilities, just wants to speak to his beloved daughter. The tension is all kinds of boiling over and, Kam is determined to keep the ball rolling, no matter how much it hurts.

This is a series that literally pulls no punches in any way. The women come in all shapes and sizes, inside and out, and the exaggerated concept of their incarceration and domination, both on and off the planet, hits far too close to home in this day and age. This is not a light read, but it is a great read if you want to get your feminist rage on. I just need to find a spot for my non-compliant tattoo.


GOLGOTHA‘s Kickstarter came out right about the time I started playing Mass Effect Andromeda. Both stories follow a group of scientist and military types sent off to colonize another galaxy. In Mass Effect, the group arrive to find their promised land in ruins and a deadly alien species wanting to shoot first and shoot again. GOLGOTHA’s folks arrive to find that humanity is already there. As in, while the passengers puttered along in cryosleep for almost a century, technology on earth surpassed the Golgotha’s technology and humans had already successfully colonized the planet. That doesn’t leave much for soldier Michael Lawton to do — until the rebellion kicks up a stink with explosions and all that. Turns out, the utopia isn’t, unsurprisingly, all it seems to be, and now Lawton has to go find out why.

As far as concept and science goes, I liked this story in theory, but in execution, it leaves a bit to be desired. The cast of characters makes a big effort to win diversity points, only to drop back down to the standard mostly white folks cast just a few pages later. The biblical analogies and imagery are a bit too glaring, and by the time the Big Secret is revealed, I found myself uninterested in Lawton’s rationale to invest further in the story.

Saga Volume 7

Is this series forever going to make me cry at the end of every damn volume????

5 Comments on “#RRSciFiMonth: Graphic Novel Review Bites”

  1. I still haven’t read volume 2 of Bitch Planet which is so, so, so wrong. Golgotha sounds like a great concept so what a shame to hear the execution was a bit of a let down. And as for Saga, man… always so good!


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