Waiting on Wednesday 01/04/17

“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that lets us feature upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

Mogsy’s Pick

Iron Gold by Pierce Brown (August 22, 2017 by Del Rey)

This summer, Pierce Brown will be following up his Red Rising trilogy with the first book a new series that’s said to begin approximately ten years after the events of Morning Star. So far everything’s pretty hush hush, but I’ve heard that Iron Gold will star new characters (though a few from the original trilogy may return) and the story will explore the aftermath of Darrow’s rebellion. Cool, only eight or so more months to wait… *taps foot and checks watch*

iron-gold“When you break the chains, what do you unleash?

The new trilogy takes place after the end of Morning Star and will center on the consequences of the hero’s actions as well as on those folks now living and growing up in a landscape that’s had its ruling order shattered.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the author explains more about plot of the book:

“The new Solar Republic, led by Darrow and Mustang, has replaced the Society on Mars, Earth, and Luna, and is locked in an existential struggle with the remaining Golds of the Core. A decade-long peace still exists between the Republic and the Golds of the Rim worlds, but something stirs in the darkness out beyond the asteroid belt.”

22 Comments on “Waiting on Wednesday 01/04/17”

  1. I love your “…only 8 or so more months” comment. We really end up wishing our year away when we do this meme don’t we? I know so many people love this author so I really should remedy the fact that I haven’t read anything by him (hiding head because I’m sure someone will throw something at it).


  2. Yes! I was so excited to see this cover reveal. The art style is very similar to his first trilogy so clearly they are trying to tie the two together. Now to catch up with Morning Star!


  3. Oh my goodness! We wantss thiss now, Precioussss!!!
    Actually, having a release date is a good thing, because I can start the countdown 🙂

    I think the author’s choice of focusing on new characters is a wise one, it will certainly give a fresh new approach to the continuation of the story.
    Can’t wait… Can’t wait… Cant’ wait…


  4. I’ve heard so many good things about Red Rising that I should take a look at those. Nice that he’s continuing to write in that universe. “out beyond the asteroid belt” ooh sounds mysterious 🙂


  5. I don’t even remember how many raving reviews I read when the very first book of the series came out! Should have read it, but I don’t even own any of the books in the series.

    Is this going to be a direct sequel to the previous series or you think it can be read separately?


    • I have no idea at this point, but if I had to make my best guess, I would say it can be read separately but that it will also spoil the Red Rising trilogy massively if you haven’t read it. So I guess it depends how you prefer to tackle your sequel series 🙂


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