Waiting on Wednesday 11/23/16


“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that lets us feature upcoming releases that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

Mogsy’s Pick

Arabella and the Battle of Venus by David D. Levine (June 6, 2017 by Tor Books)

I was so glad when I learned there would be a sequel to Arabella of Mars, the book that first introduced us to the eponymous heroine who disguised herself as a boy so she could hitch a ride on an interplanetary trade ship to save her brother. I loved the book, but the ending was admittedly a bit abrupt — I wanted to know what happens with Arabella and Captain Singh, dammit! And now apparently I’ll get my chance.

arabella-and-the-battle-of-venus“The thrilling adventures of Arabella Ashby continue in the second book in Hugo-winning author David D. Levine’s swashbuckling sci-fi, alt-history series!

The swashbuckling Arabella Ashby is back for brand new adventure in the ongoing story of her life among the stars.

Arabella’s wedding plans to marry Captain Singh of the Honorable Mars Trading Company are interrupted when her fiancé is captured by the French and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp on swampy Venus. Now, Arabella must find passage to an enemy-controlled planet in the middle of a war, bribe or fight her way past vicious guards, and rescue her Captain.

To do this she must enlist the help of the dashing privateer, Daniel Fox of the Touchstone and build her own clockwork navigational automaton in order to get to Venus before the dread French general, Joseph Fouché, the Executioner of Lyon.

Once on Venus, Arabella, Singh, and Fox soon discover that Napoleon has designed a secret weapon, one that could subjugate the entire galaxy if they can’t discover a way to stop Fouché, and the entire French army, from completing their emperor’s mandate.”

Arabella of Mars arabella-and-the-battle-of-venus

I am so in love with the artwork on these covers too.

18 Comments on “Waiting on Wednesday 11/23/16”

  1. I do love these covers! Not sure I have time to start a new series that’s already in progress but I’m looking forward to your review when it comes out:-)


  2. I know, that ending was so abrupt! I’m excited to see what happens in the sequel too. Hopefully there’s a bit more actual, you know, romance between Arabella and Captain Singh because otherwise that’s a bit of a let-down.


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