Sunday Musings: Worlds Without End Update

School’s out, which means life can settle down to a more reasonable pace. At least for a little while! Despite the crazy over the past few months, I have managed to tuck away several entries for the various challenges that keep me focused on my annual reading goals. There’s the standard Goodreads challenge, where I am 64% into my goal of reading 100 books and graphic novels this year, as well the Audiobook Challenge that we’ve regularly been reporting on as a group. But my favourite challenge is the Roll-Your-Own-Reading Challenge at Worlds Without End. What started as one challenge each year has expanded into as many challenges as you can handle. I often bite off more than I can chew because, well, I love challenges and love the visual effect of seeing all those books lined up all pretty like, but this year, I’m not doing too badly with my nine challenges.

I Just Have to Read More of That Author

read moreMost of these challenges are self-explanatory, such as this one. I mostly keep this list for authors that I absolutely love reading, and authors that I want to get to know better.

Women of Genre Fiction

2016 womenIt ought to be easy to fill this list, and yet, I’m still missing one. There are many women writing genre fiction out there and I’m sure I’ll fill that last spot soon enough, but this serves as a reminder that the industry’s dominating force is still men for various reasons. Too many marginalized voices fall through the cracks or are silenced all together, so it’s important to keep promoting work that goes beyond the usual perspective.

Apocalypse Now

apoc nowThe criteria for this challenge is any genre fiction that focuses on the end of the world as we know it. I initially started off small, but my entries have grown as I’ve combed through my to-read list for apocalyptic fiction. We do so love our end of the world stories.

Audiobook Reading Challenge

audiobookTaking on this challenge is a freebie since audiobooks are such a prominent part of my reading experience. The WWE challenge stops at a mere 15 books, but I’m already double that, with many more to go. But it’s nice to see a completed challenge under my belt.

Read the Sequel

sequelFar too many books on my shelf are sequels that I intend to get to after loving the first book so much, but those pesky new books always weasel their way in.

Space Opera

space operaI took up this challenge as part of my quest to venture off into the stars more often. Fantasy is fun, but sometimes, you need some good old spaceships and aliens.

The (Mostly) 2016 Star Wars Reading Challenge

star wars

With Star Wars movies scheduled every year now for the foreseeable future, of course I’m going to be jumping back into the galaxy far, far away. I still love the original expanded universe, but the new stuff is certainly proving its worth too.

Pick & Mix

pick and mixAnother freebie that lets me feel good about completing a challenge by dumping everything I’ve read into one convenient place.

Tie-In Fighter


This goes along with my personal goals to read more novelizations. I already love reading auxiliary lore for games and for the Star Wars universe. It’s time to broaden my scope to other mediums.

10 Comments on “Sunday Musings: Worlds Without End Update”

  1. I am a big fan of worldbuilding. As such, with the Force Awakens, I decided to try out a title from the Star Wars universe to get more acquainted with it. I started into bot Darth Bane and Darth Plagueis at the same time, but the storytelling in Bane was a little too wooden for me. I understand he’s a common guy at the beginning of his story, but the intro to Darth Plagueis was so much more eloquent and fascinating to me. Besides, I’m familiar with Palpatine and had read a few fan theories about Snoke being Plagueis in the movie so I wanted to find out about him.

    Where would you recommend I go from here? What, in your opinion, are the best books/essential reading for the series?


    • I recommend returning to the legends stories from the original expanded universe. Start with the Heir to the Empire book, which is the first in a trilogy that takes place after Return of the Jedi. While the books are no longer considered canon, they remain very powerful, and the character has recently been re-instated as part of the official canon. He will be appearing in Rebels.

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  2. So fun! I could definitely use the sequels challenge to make some progress on finishing the multitude of series I’m in the middle of. I too start new ones likely faster than I finish existing one!


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