Tiara’s 2016 Reading Resolutions

I don’t really make resolutions, but I thought I’d try my hand at a few reading resolutions. This was actually inspired by January 5th’s Top Ten Tuesday (Top Ten Bookish Resolutions We Have for 2016) at The Broke and the Bookish, but I didn’t get a chance to participate on that particular day, so this is my unofficial entry to that list of things I’d like to accomplish this reading year.

01. Interact more with my fellow book bloggers – I try to interact as much as I can around my schedule, but I want to pay more attention to the things you guys are writing about, even if it’s just to give a “fist bump like” on your post. I enjoy interactivity, and I want to discuss books more with fellow bibliophiles.

Friends with Book Benefits

02. Stop making myself power through books I really, really dislike – I’m so stubborn it hurts. I hate to not finish a book no matter how much I hate it or am bored by it, so I powered through many reads unnecessarily just because I started the book. Sometimes, it’s fun to hate-read a book, but more often it’s just time wasted. I have to stop it.

Hate You More

03. On that note, stop feeling ashamed when I do DNF a book – DNF-ing a book feels like the bitter sting of defeat. A defeat I typically would not stand for. However, this year, I’m reminding myself that it may be a greater service to DNF a book I hate and can’t even hate-read (which can be as entertaining as a regular read) and talk about why I made the choice.

Book Throwing

04. Stop being so hard on Young Adult Fantasy – I love 90% of YA genres except YA fantasy. This year, I’m going to try to go into some of my planned YA fantasy reads with a more open mind rather than one that’s ready to tear the book shreds from the opening lines. Internal pep talks about this will go as follows:


05. Read my own damn books (or mostly my own damn books) – I love ARCs, I do. I’m sure I will read quite a few this year, but I’m trying to focus more on whittling down my own massive TBR pile and stop collecting so many shiny new books. I’m like a damn magpie when it comes to books. (Yes, I am aware that is just a myth.)

06. Be more consistent with my review writing – I get fairly busy during certain times of the year, but there’s no reason I can’t churn out a review or two, especially if I stay ahead of my reading goals, which as of this writing I am.

Crying Typing

07. Utilize the library to the best of my abilities – I love the library. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone to the library as often as I should, especially this past year. I will have to remedy this and visit my Fortress of Solitude.

Spiderman Library

08. Write more book-related topics – We write many reviews, but I’d like to break up our reviews with some other book-related topics or musings from time to time. Maybe once a month or so.


09. Read more with my kids – We’re big fans of Percy Jackson in this family which is when my kids, especially my son and I, bonded over such a magical story. We’re still working through PJ, but I want to start introducing other series into the mix that both my kids and myself can enjoy.

I Love to Read

10. Keep up with my various challenges better – I’ve joined quite a few challenges this year, and I think keeping them updated will encourage me to keep reading more to keep beating my goals.

Let's Do This

Let’s see how successful I am with all these goals. Happy reading! And if you made any reading resolutions, I’d love to hear them.

tiara 2

32 Comments on “Tiara’s 2016 Reading Resolutions”

  1. Totally YES to #1, 2, 5, 8 and 10. Awesome goals, I really want to tackle my own TBR pile which means taking on less ARCs (always a challenge!) and reading more books that I want to read, otherwise why the heck did I buy them?? Good luck Tiara!

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    • Why did I buy them? Exactly. That’s the exact question I ask myself when I was looking at all the books I have, but I haven’t read. Last year, I think I got a pretty good mix going, but this year, I’m looking more at my TBR pile that really needs my attention because I just keep collecting books. But ARCs are so tempting. *sigh* Good luck to you, too, Tammy! 😀


  2. You have a very sensible list of resolutions! We have a few in common, and another few of yours I could also stand to adopt.

    As much as I’d love to adopt #9, my son is now 21 and probably wouldn’t sit still for it! 😉 *sigh* He was a voracious reader when he was a kid, both alone and with me. Now he cracks a book a couple of times a year – pretty much nonfiction only, although his girlfriend, thankfully an avid reader, recently got him to read a Neil Gaiman collection, and he called me to tell me two things: “It was really good; you would probably like it.” (which I’m taking as the first time he’s recommended a book to ME in his adult life,) and “See, Mom? I DO read!” 😀

    Have a great year of reading in 2016!

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    • My kids are 10 and 6 right now, so I have still have a little time left to squeeze out some reading with them especially the 6 year old. We all got into it around the time I started giving audiobooks more of a chance and listening to them when I used to drive them to school. I started listening to The Dresden Files, and my son made the comment one day that he didn’t want me to listen to the rest of the particular book I was listening to without him (Fool Moon). I didn’t even know he was paying attention. It was then I decided I’d better find some kid friendly listens, even though Harry Dresden isn’t terrible. I picked something I hadn’t heard that the kids would likely to enjoy. But hey, your son is dating a reader. Maybe you had a little influence there even if he probably won’t admit it. 😉

      Happy reading to you, too! 😀


  3. Interactivity between bloggers is a big one for me too – it’s a lot of work to comment but even if it’s just short and sweet, it feels good 🙂

    Like you, I totally power through books I don’t like. I was forcing myself to finish an arc this past year that I just could not get into…so it kept being put on hold. I stubbornly kept thinking: I WILL get back to it but after months, I had to face facts and DNF the bugger. It would have been a lot easier if I just did so straight off the bat with NO guilt!

    In 2014, I actually gave myself a massive reading slump by forcing myself to read ARCs and since then I just read whatever I want. I’d rather enjoy ME books than struggle through just to be on a schedule or whatever. Anyway, I feel you^^ best of luck with your goals for the new year!!

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    • Interactivity was one of my big ones from last year, and it’s going to continue to be a big one with me I think. It is a lot of work. I can get in a good groove with making sure I’m visiting blogs and commenting and answering comments and then it gets all sidetracked. I have a bookshelf that says “On Hiatus” on Goodreads. I am the same way with putting some books off like, “I’ll get back to you.” I’m going to have to go through that thing and get real about some of those books. I know I’ll never finish them, and I need to stop acting like I am. And I’m definitely with you on wanting to enjoy MY books rather than trying to meet a deadline for an ARC. Some ARCs are definitely ones I would’ve picked up anyway, but some, it’s more just to try it out. I’m trying not to fall into that trap this year. Good luck with your goals, too!


  4. Total agreement on points #2 and #3! As I like to tell myself when I decide to DNF a book, life’s too short to waste it on books we dislike.
    (and the term “hate read” had me laughing out loud: sometimes it’s fun to be a bit nasty… 😀 )

    Is there a further level after “all is lost” for our wayward TBR piles? Because I know I’m there, and I’d like to name it…. 🙂

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    • I’m like a Sith about some books. I’m only reading them so the rage can flow through me. I can hear Palpatine right over my shoulder as he says, “Good, good. Let the rage flow through you.” I wouldn’t make a very good Jedi I don’t think. LOL. I’m pretty sure I am past All Is Lost, too. I think the creator tried to give us a break so we wouldn’t feel so shameful since it encompasses everything from 250+ books. 😉


  5. Yes, post away with more book-related topics! This blog could always use more discussion posts, but I know I’m not good at them and so I’ve resigned myself to being more of a reviewer. It’s good that our styles can complement each other, and it’s always great when you post, Tiara! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Mogsy! I’ve resigned to let you handle most of the ARC work this year. You read plenty and review a great plenty which is a good thing, and I’ll try to focus more on writing discussion posts and the like. We’ll see what the year throws at us. 😀


  6. I’m with you on a lot of these goals. Especially reading my own damn books and whittling down the TBR.

    Also, gotta say I love the idea of looking at the like button as a fist bump. In fact, I would be fully on board with it if WordPress switched it to that.

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    • That’s how I mainly use it as a fist bump. If I read something I liked but don’t feel I might have anything productive to say (or if I want to remember to come back to it and read it again), I give it my fist bump like. LOL.

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  7. I’m so awful at DNFing. Maybe it’s because I feel “committed” to finishing a book, so then I make myself miserable by powering through the story even though it disappoints me. But I’m getting better at giving myself permission to give up in those cases. Why suffer through a hate-read when the next one might be so much better?

    But I digress. You made some great choices for reading resolutions this year, Tiara. I’d definitely love to see what you have in mind for book discussion posts, too. Those can be fun!

    Oh, and you have no idea how loud I laughed at the Silver Linings Playbook gif. XD

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    • I am so the same way. I just power through books I absolutely am not enjoying even in an ironic way. I have to give myself permission to admit defeat and not feel bad for it, too. There are too many other books out there waiting for me to love them. I’m thinking about possible posts. I would love to do more of my Looking for Recs type posts and maybe discussing things that have rubbed me the wrong way in fiction lately. The topics are endless, so we’ll see. 😀

      That is my favorite scene in that whole movie. I have never seen a scene sum up how so many books have failed me in my life more than that one. LOL.

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