Sunday Musings: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I still have presents to wrap, but at least I am finished all of my Christmas shopping. Oh wait….

There. Now I’m done. Hurray for online shopping!


embraced by darknessEvery year, my daughters’ school invites families to send in gently used items to be sold in the 25 Cent Sale.  It’s such a delight to watch the kids proudly making their purchases, and the older students diligently wrapping the wares. My six year old insisted that I open her present the moment she got home.  She bought me a book. Not just any book. A supernatural smut book. It brought tears to my eyes to know that my daughter put so much thought and effort into choosing the perfect gift for me. She then insisted that I go to my room and read the first chapter.


Holiday-Books_ProductKindness and charity ought to be a 365 day a year project, but the spirit of giving tends to pick up at this time of year. A charity that is near and dear to my heart is Sick Kids Hospital. I regularly donate throughout the year, and I participate in the Extra Life campaign. At Christmas, I let my daughters select gifts to provide to children in need on behalf of our family and friends. There are all sorts of options, with some specific to the Christmas season. But my favourite gift (go figure), is providing books for Story-Time in the hospital’s family library.

What bookish things are you doing for the holidays?

8 Comments on “Sunday Musings: It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”

  1. Your daughter sounds adorable! My Dad started me reading at a young age too. The 25 cent sale sounds like it’s a lot of fun. I wish any of my schools had that kind of idea.

    As for bookish things… I bought more books and my TBR shelf is now completely full. Does that count?


    • Buying more books always counts 🙂

      The 25 cents sale is so wonderful. So empowering for the little ones to be able to choose their own presents. They are so proud of themselves. Then the older students handle the wrapping.


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