Novella Review: Hisses and Wings by Alex Bledsoe and Teresa Frohock

hisses and wingsHisses and Wings by Alex Bledsoe and Teresa Frohock

Genre: Supernatural, Angels, Fantasy

Publisher: The Story Vault (December 2014)

Wendy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love magic. I love interesting ways to present magic. In Hisses and Wings, music is the source of mysterious power, and anyone who has ever been touched by a song can attest to the truth in this fantasy story.

The story involves a seemingly young fae woman named Janet, who pieces together a song that could return her people to their ancestral home. To learn the song, she must earn it from Diago, who is of the Nefilim, and to do so, she must prove her musical skill — but does she have the wisdom to use such a gift properly? And is the goal she seeks worth the price that using this magic might cost.

This is a beautiful, bittersweet story, and though it is brief, it gives so much warmth and depth to the characters — particularly the Nefilim. It also wonderfully expresses their culture, as supernatural beings, as well as a close knit community that is both familiar and welcoming.

My only complaint is that the magic of the music could have gone deeper with greater imagery of what it invokes for those playing and listening to it.


8 Comments on “Novella Review: Hisses and Wings by Alex Bledsoe and Teresa Frohock

  1. This sounds really interesting, I’ve read Bledsoe and Frohock separately and hadn’t realised they’d written something together. I will add this name to my list.
    Lynn 😀


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