Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul

‘Tis the season when the upcoming new year’s books are starting to come in. More have arrived this week after I already cataloged this post , but first we have the exciting titles that were received in the previous few weeks that deserve attention:
Book haul 13

Master of Plagues – I was thrilled when this arrived! This book is of course the sequel to the amazing fantasy/mystery Darkwalker,  which I recommend highly. I can’t wait to meet up with Nicolas Lenoir again in book two. My thanks to Roc Books!

The Whispering Swarm – I’ve yet to read anything by the esteemed Michael Moorcock, but I know the launch of his first new trilogy in ten years is something of a huge deal. Book one of the Sanctuary of the White Friars series looks really good, and I’m excited for The Whispering Swarm to be my first Moorcock book. My thanks to Tor Books.

Echo 8 – Also courtesy of Tor is Echo 8, which you might remember seeing me feature in one of my Waiting on Wednesdays during Sci-Fi November. I’m looking forward to reading this novel of romance and science fiction from Sharon Lynn Fisher.

The Traders’ War – A while ago, I received The Bloodline Feud from Tor Books, an omnibus that collects the first two books of Charles Stross’s The Merchant Princes series. Not long ago, the publisher kindly also sent me The Traders’ War, which collects books three and four.

City of Eternal Night – Courtesy of Orbit Books came this sequel to Kristen Painter’s House of the Rising Sun. I’ve already read this second book of the Crescent City series and in case you missed it, you can check out my review here!

Edge of Dark – Last year I read and reviewed The Diamond Deep, a compelling work of social science fiction by Brenda CooperWhen Pyr asked if I would be interested in reviewing an upcoming book by the author, I enthusiastically said yes. Edge of Dark is the start of a new series, so it’ll be great to be able to jump right in. My thanks to the publisher.

The Wide World’s End – Also from Pyr comes this third book from James Enge’s A Tournament of Shadows. I’ve read the first book but haven’t gotten to the second yet, but I’ve been intrigued by this “prequel” series featuring the author’s celebrated character Morlock Ambrosius.

World of Ice and Fire

I also bought a little something for myself. On Black Friday, I got a coupon and used it on The World of Ice & Fire, snagging this beauty of a book for about $17. I can’t believe I’d contemplated getting this one in audiobook or ebook format. I can safely say now that that would have been a mistake, as I’m admiring the embossed cover and gorgeous illustrations within this ENORMOUS volume. A must-have for A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fans, this was an amazing addition to my collection of art books, and so worth it especially at the price I got it at.

Now the digital pile:

54168-goldenson  Owl and the Japanese Circus  The Heresy Within  The Prophecy Con

Golden Son – All I can say is *hyperventilate* *hyperventilate* *hyperventilate* As soon as I got that email saying Golden Son was finally available to request on Netgalley, you can bet I clicked that REQUEST NOW button so fast you’d think it was going out of style.

Owl and the Japanese Circus – Also from Netgalley, I finally got approved for this book after a long time of waiting (that’s what I get for requesting around Thanksgiving week!) I’m reading this now and it’s a lot of fun so far!

The Heresy Within – I got an email about Ragnarok Publications’ new titles in January earlier this week, informing me that the upcoming second book of Rob J Hayes’ The Ties That Bind series is available for review. I’m curious about this grimdark series but haven’t read the first book, so naturally I went and got it.

The Prophecy Con – My audiobook purchase of the week. Gotta put that $10 credit I earned from Audible back in November to good use, after all — and I’ve still got more to spare. I loved the first book of this fantasy heist series, and I can’t wait to read this sequel.

22 Comments on “Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul”

  1. I am supposed to join a blog tour for the Tettensor book so you better be right about the series being good!

    I read A Heresy Within before it was picked up by the publisher. It had some good spots; the publicist says they cleaned up the editing quite a bit from when I read it.


  2. Great lootz you got there! Yay for Golden Son, yes, that is going to be one crazy good book, I hope. I’m very curious to read the Patrick Weekes series. I’ve heard really good things about it. (Probably from you!)


  3. That’s a great set of books!I had the same reaction with Golden Son, so excited to read it. Also curious about both the Stross and Moorcock books as I’ve not read either of those authors yet. And really, what purpose could the audio or ebook formats serve for the World of Ice and Fire book? It’s such a stunning book, so much is lost in digital formats.


  4. GORGEOUS haul!! I’m also reading Owl and the Japanese Circus at the moment! I’m only at like 26% but I’m enjoying it so far 😀 I still need to get into the GRMM books *cringe* AND the Red Rising books! I’ve seen City of Eternal Night around the blogosphere a lot lately, I need to check it out – the cover is so pretty! Enjoy all these goodies Mogsy ^^


  5. Wow, it must be so cool to get ‘real’ arcs! I haven’t read Moorcock either. Raymond E Fiest is finally starting a new series after years next year too. Congrats on getting the World of Ice and Fire! I so want that!

    I’m reading Golden Son right now!


  6. Wow, apparently I’m seriously missing out on something with Red Rising. I had no idea it was so popular in the blogging world, but then again it was published before I really got into it. Guess I better request it from the library!

    Owl and the Japanese Circus intrigues me because, well…it’s UF (of course). I’ve heard good things so far. Hopefully you like it!


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