YA Weekend: Talon by Julie Kagawa

TalonTalon by Julie Kagawa

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Series: Book 1 of Talon

Publisher: Harlequin Teen (October 28, 2014)

Author Information: Website | Twitter

Mogsy’s Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I was a bit taken aback by the tepid to cool reviews I’ve been seeing for this one. Not that my own review is all that glowing, I realize, but while Talon probably won’t rank among my favorite Young Adult novels read this year, I had a lot of fun with it. By all means not a bad book. Surprisingly, most of the disappointment appears to be from fans of Julie Kagawa’s other series. I’ve never read anything else by her though, so there’s really nothing for me to compare this to.

But let’s move on to what the book is about. Talon is about dragons…but also not really. If you’re looking for a novel featuring these magnificent creatures in all their winged and scaly fire-breathing glory, you’re not going to find much of that here. What you have instead is a small group of dragonkind who spend most of their time in human form, hoping to infiltrate our society and one day take over the world again. A secret faction of dragon slayers called the Order of St. George is determined not to let that happen, and their members continue to hunt dragons like they have for time immemorial.

The book begins as two young dragon siblings, Ember and Dante Hill travel to California in their human forms to begin training for their future positions to serve their home base of Talon. Ember is fascinated with humankind, and wants nothing more than to enjoy the summer living out the full teenager experience – beaches, arcades, ice cream parlors, the whole shebang. Her brother Dante on the other hand is a lot more disciplined, and does not like it one bit when a rogue dragon shows up in their territory, distracting Ember from her training. Meanwhile, St. George has received the rumors of new dragon recruits in the area, and the young soldier Garret Xavier Sebastian and his partner are tasked to hunt these Talon agents down and kill them.

Encouraged to mingle and blend in with other teenagers, Ember and Dante spend most of this book as humans. But unlike other books with shape-shifting dragons (like Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina for example, which I thought did a really good job developing the culture and world of the draconic characters), it’s difficult to think of the dragons here as anything but human. This is what I meant when I cautioned not to think of Talon too much as a “dragon” book. Despite a few scenes of Ember thinking as a dragon and being a dragon – and they are quite few and far between – the author often seems to put her human persona before her draconic one. Plus, the setting is modern and urban. Ember’s life revolves around surfing, parties, friends and boys. Very little is known about the dragon home of Talon and Kagawa doesn’t really get into it. For those craving a bit more fantasy and world building, I can see how that could cause some frustration.

As such, this ends up being your rather typical contemporary young adult novel with a light fantasy twist, complete with love triangle and just a dash of forbidden love. Despite being exactly what I expected, it was undeniably entertaining.

After reading this, however, I admit to being skeptical of Kagawa’s writing. It’s obvious that she can spin a good yarn, but there were some plot elements that were so illogical and downright silly, it can be difficult to take these characters seriously. First of all, if you can take any form and you’re trying to covertly infiltrate and gain influence in human society, I would not do it as a teenager. Good luck gathering any useful information to bring back to your overlords, unless they’re interested in how your airheaded friend thinks so-and-so is so totally gorgeous and has nice abs. Talon is also so bad at this undercover secret agent stuff, I’m not surprised St. George managed to narrow their search down to Ember and Dante and their group of beach bum friends in like all of two seconds. You’re a dragon spy, and you’re seriously going to stick with Ember for your name? You might as well paint a target on your back and wear a big sign that says “I’M THE DRAGON!” and hang it around your neck. The Order of St. George doesn’t seem that much more competent either. At one point, Garret admits to his partner that he is getting too close to Ember and recommends stepping back from the mission. Instead of allowing Garret to do so, what does his partner do but tell him to take advantage of this new development to go even deeper into the case. Um, no! As soon as one of your soldiers gets emotionally involved and becomes compromised like that, you pull them the hell out. A lot of the problems that St. George experience near the end, they brought most of them on themselves.

These little moments aside, not much else detracted from the experience. Yes, the story is pretty standard but ended up being more interesting than the description made it sound, and it held my attention to the end, which isn’t something I can say for a lot of YA. The next book, predictably called Rogue, looks like it will delve deeper into the both the secret Order of St. George and the dragon organization Talon, so hopefully readers get the world building we want there.



16 Comments on “YA Weekend: Talon by Julie Kagawa

  1. Ok, I did enjoy reading a somewhat snarky review from you! I’m just having problem with the idea of people shifting into dragons (or vice versa) and can’t really picture it. I haven’t read her other books either, but I think I’m more likely to try that series than this one.


  2. Oh I was so impatient to know more about this one. I usually love Kagawa’s books but I haven’t read this one yet… I confess that I’m quite anxious about it. But you’re right, I was expecting real dragons too, so… well too bad. In the end I don’t think I’ll jump on it right now but maybe later. thanks for the review!


  3. I’M THE DRAGON!! Hahaha, too good. I can’t help but think of Firelight by Sophie Jordan, which is also a YA book about teen dragon siblings who can transform into humans and try to live in human society…a little too close for comfort in my opinion.


    • You’ll still get your dose of dragon…though not the kind most would be expecting 🙂 I’m sure there will be dragons in the next book!


  4. my blasted comment was eaten! I must go back to copying them before I hit Post.

    Anyways yeah choosing the form of a teenager is a bit ridiculous.

    I hate when I come across little plot points and details like that , which pretty much destroy a bunch of the enjoyment for me because the little things are so important really.


  5. I haven’t read Iron Fey either, but this looked really good. Then negative reviews started pouring out. I’m glad it wasn’t horrible though. Thanks for the warning that there’s not a lot of dragon stuff in this book. I’m not usually into the whole contemporary thing, but I might give this a shot now since it managed to entertain you. Also, I really need to read Seraphina!


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