Sunday Musings: 9:41 Dragon

Home in bed with a cold — but that’s nothing a good book can’t cure!


Dragon Age The Masked EmpireI’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition lately. A lot of Dragon Age Inquisition. And recently completed a mission involving the Empress of Orlais. The mission in the game follows up on one of the latest tie-in books, The Masked Empire.

I am a big fan of tie-in material when it comes to my favourite video fandoms, with my particular focus of late being on tie-ins related to video games. Some people shun the concept, but I love the depth they add to the characters and lore. In the case of the BioWare games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, the events and characters in the books and comics end up being very important to the game itself — though not so important that someone who opts to play the game without partaking of the extras completely misses out.


So how’s that NaNo-ing going?


Reading with our children is so important for so many things, not the least of which is fostering a love of reading.


6 Comments on “Sunday Musings: 9:41 Dragon”

  1. I seriously need to play the first Dragon Age game! I bought it the first time I was pregnant and couldn’t get to it because I was always motion sick whenever i tried to play any video games. and then lookie here now I’m preggo again. argh.


    • Well first of all, congrats!! I know what you mean re: motion sickness though. I have to be careful with things moving around too much. And there are certain first person games that really make me ill (Bioshock and Darkness II) so I have to play them in small doses or in small windows. And for some very weird reason, I cannot play Mass Effect 2 on console on the big screen TV. I got so ill after just 20 minutes, that I pretty much had to spend the day in bed.


      • My wife often asks how I can play some of the games I do, she knows i get motion sick. But the only two games that caused me problems were oldschool Mario 2, specifically the Mouser level that did abrupt screen scrolls- and Kingdom Hearts with its horrible camera control.


      • I can only play first person/third person shooter type games on the big screen, even Mass Effect. I don’t know, just feels more satisfying getting headshots or throwing enemies clear across the room when you’re doing it in high definition 😛


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